We all have them.  Can’t remember if it was here or on one of the quilt groups but when I mentioned UFO’s, I received a lot of responses about the terminology.  Some call them PIGS (projects in grocery sacks); all kinds of names out there.  I’m kinda one of those black and white type people . . don’t matter what you call it or what color sack you put it in . . it’s still something I’ve started and not finished.  And, I’d like to get that UFO list down by a few!

In December, 2007 I talked about my UFO’s, including pictures.  List #1 has 21 projects on it.  In 14 months, I’ve completed 4 items on that list.  List #2 has 13 items and I’ve completed 7 items on that list.

Earlier this week I decided to work on a UFO.  I was waiting to hear back about another project . . whether to start it now or wait on different fabric to get here so while in limbo; I told myself . . time to work on a UFO.  I looked at those two lists and several just need quilting but I didn’t want to tie up the longarm because of the other project I may need to finish quickly so those were out.  The tops waiting to be quilted are stacked on shelves.  The other UFO’s are in bags stashed in a corner behind the ironing table.  Ahhh . . here they are in an older blog post.  The decision was made .. work  on something in a bag but which one?  Decision made:  Just grab the top UFO . . whatever is in that bag. . do it.

This is what I got.

A very old Stack & Whack!  I must’ve made at least 10 stack & whack quilts.

Here’s one; here’s another one (take a look at that quilting, would you?; one given to a teacher; another one for a teacher; one of these was made for my dad and my brother-in-law; this one for Vince; another one for a teacher; and yet another one for a teacher. Yep, that’s 10.  They’re all fun to make.

In the bag were all the pieces for the blocks, one block made, all the blocks cut out . . no sashing or border ideas.  It’s been at least five years since I worked on this project but luckily, I have plenty of the  bird fabric and the yellow Moda Marble in my stash so I can finish this project in no time!

I have no idea how much of this fabric I bought but I have 5 yards still.  It must’ve been on sale . . it must’ve been very cheap . . I hope so because it surely isn’t so pretty and it doesn’t look like something I would have bought unless it was like 90% off.  Who knows . .


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    I have a few S&Ws on my UFO list too. I used to teach a S&W class at the LQS and of course needed to demonstrate the technique so I started a new one with each class. Silly me, I couldn’t just use the same one for each class LOL. Mine will be unearthed soon I’m sure!

    I am looking forward to seeing your’s finished.

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    My new local quilt shop encourages quilters to come in and work on their PHD’s… Projects Half Done… LOL I had never heard that one before.

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    Yup, I use the PhD thing…….makes me feel like I have more important than I actually am……….I think that fabric is a great SnW, which is probably why you purchased it. Sometimes we just have to get those PhD’s done so we don’t feel so guilty.

    Karen L

    PS…..I think this is one of those fabrics you have to be careful with…I personally wouldn’t like to see a bird backside in the center of one of those blocks

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    Tricia says

    Can you remember why you stopped making this quilt? You seem to get soooo much done-and so quickly!-that it is interresting to me that you have that many UFOs(although,having read enough blogs talking about UFOs, your list is actually quite small!). Do new ideas/quilts come to you and turn your interest to a new quilt? I usually quit a quilt if the pattern gets too hard for my skill-level or just tedious.
    Have a great day!

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    Judy I am sure glad you said “I hope so because it surely isn’t so pretty and it doesn’t look like something I would have bought unless it was like 90% off. Who knows . .” That fabric just doesn’t look like your type of fabric. I don’t think Betty sold that to you! Glad you are working on it as we might both be surprised when it is done.

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    Diane H says

    I have alot of UFO’s here but I like the tern PHD better. There are alot of us out there who have these and it just makes me feel better that we are all in the same boat. And sometimes I wonder why I bought the fabric or started it!!!!
    Do you keep all the quilts you make or give them away? I am just curious what everyone does with ALL their quilts. My kids don’t want anymore. But I love to make them.
    Diane in Alaska

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    The quilt you made for your dad made me laugh! Novelty prints make such fun stack & whacks, and it’s always neat to see the original fabric!

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    I have only recently started quilting and I already have some UFO’s! They are starting to make me feel guilty about starting new projects so I am working through finishing a whole heap of them….but a stack and whack is now on my list of to do’s – looks fun! 🙂

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    I posted about the same subject today, UFO’s… and oh, guess what? I have that same bird fabric in my stash! 🙂 I tallied up and found 29 UFO’s, most will be completed, but some won’t be finished, at least they won’t by me! 🙂

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    I”ve never made a stack and whack and got the newest book recently…..this makes me want to go and read through it to learn the technique!

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    That’s definitely not a typical Judy fabric, but I can see where you thought it would make a good S&W. I have one of those languishing in the depths of my stash room. Someday I’ll pull it out and see if I can’t finish it up. Someday.

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    carol fun says

    Hi Judy — oh I love seeing all your S&W – I have quite a collection of them too and I love every one of them. In fact seeing you working on yours has motivated me to pull out one I started a while ago and haven’t finished. It is a lovely floral in lavender and pink — nice and springy and I am longing for some spring color in my life. Thanks for giving me a push to get on those UFO —


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    I have a long list of UFO’s but lately none of them have appealed to me. I’ve been starting new stuff.

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    Rebecca says

    There’s the car/pin-up one! That’s one of my all-time favorite quilts, even when I couldn’t remember who had done it.

    As for how many UFOs have landed in my sewing room? Let’s not even go there. But I think I better go there and change that some, right now!

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    I have such a hard time picking back up on a project still in pieces that I try to get a project to the finished top stage before setting it aside. I still have 5 or 6 in pieces but they aren’t the ones I usually want to pick up and work on. I should make myself finish one of two of those each year and I’d finally be done with them.

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    At least the colors and the birds can be seen as signs of spring. (Smile). I actually like the color combination and it certainly is cheerful with the yellow. Reminds me, I think my one and only stack and wack must be somewhere unfinished.

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    I don’t know– I like that fabric. We had a UFO challenge for our quilt guild when I was VP and at the end of the year we gave away 3 fifty dollar prizes. There was a lot of competition and fun between the gals. We also had a sale with the UFOs giving them to new homes. It was fun. I was ineligible due to position, so I need to get busy on all my UFOs. Now, why couldn’t I just participate in fun??? I have no idea. But you are inspiring me. Get myself busy.

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    Well, you did it again! You’ve inspired quilters. This time you’ve inspired others to finish UFOs or excuse me PhDs. How neat is that? I really like several of your SnWs especially the one you made for your dad. Really neat.

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    Here’s a Floral Disappearing Nine Patch that I changed from a UFO to a finished quilt today! Actually, I was going to give it to a dear older friend who has been stuck in the hospital for a while- came in for pneumonia, then had a stroke! 🙁

    But my UFO of the DNP was too big- a large twin size and I wanted more of a lap size. DH suggested I “cut it down” ! Well, I didn’t “cut” it down, but I did seam rip it into 2 lap size quilt tops. When I showed DH the finished quilt and told him that I had finished a UFO, he had to tell me that actually, it was only 1/2 of a UFO that I finished!!LOL!!