Glenn Beck on Friday

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Friday at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Glenn Beck is having a “You’re Not Alone” special show on Fox News.  Whether you’re a Glenn Beck fan or not, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian or whatever — if you’re just a tad worried about the future of our country; you may want to watch this show.  Even if you hate Fox News, if our country is headed in the direction I fear, it can’t hurt to watch this show.  You can flip the channel as soon as it’s over and continue to dislike Fox and Glenn Beck but I’m hoping information will be shared that will (1) help us get through the crisis we may face and (2) encourage many who have been sitting at home worrying about the future but doing nothing . . to get off the fence and do something!

We all must make up our own minds based on our own beliefs and convictions.  No one should take anyone’s word as the gospel .  . find out facts for yourself and make up your own mind but please don’t refuse to listen to someone because they’re a conservative or a liberal.  Our country is in a mess and we’re all in this together!  Blame can be placed where ever you feel blame is needed but that’s not going to solve our problems.  Our future is what we can change . . not our past!