About Those Calories!

When I’m writing my blog posts, I sometimes have 2 minutes to write and 20 things on my mind and quite often when the comments start coming in, I realize that I did a horrible job of explaining what I meant in the post. I suppose this could also bolster Vince’s opinion that I l talk too fast, jump from subject to subject and he never knows what the heck I’m talking about.  Add to that . . half the time I’m typing without my glasses and I can’t read what I’m typing.

OK . . enough excuses?  What I’m really saying is . . Can you please read what I type and just take it as what I’m thinking . . not necessarily what I wrote?

Vince was eating the canned soup because he was sick.  While he was sick, he was watching TV and saw that show about counting calories. He wasn’t eating soup because it was less calories than what I would have cooked.

About those calories . . we’re going out to eat Mexican at lunch.  We have several things we have to do at lunch today so we’re going to grab a bite out.  Our Mexican restaurant is pretty good . . which is a good thing since our restaurant choices are very limited!


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    Cindy says

    I understood. I had hoped this post was telling us that Mexican food had less calories than something healthy like salad. Hope you enjoyed your lunch.

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    Calories??? Ahhh, just enjoy the foods you are eating and try to make them as tasty and healthy as you can. Calories are just a number to mess up your head, so ignore them!! Tell Vince to change the channel!! 😉

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    I read that he prefers canned soup – which is o.k., I prefer the lipton powdered soup… We all have preferences, no big deal. & calories are what they are, leave it at that…

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    I don’t have any trouble reading your blog—–it is like when 2 gal friends meet and they talk, and can finish each other’s sentences and when you say oh I didn’t mean that -the friend speaks up and says I knew you didn’t.

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    Funny. I completely understood what you said.
    As far as Vince goes men never understand what we women say. There was a discussion at lunch today with both males and females. We were having a huge laugh about how much women’s minds wander and have to talk quickly to get everything out while men think of only one thing at a time. One person was talking about this book http://www.amazon.com/Men-Like-Waffles-Women-Spaghetti-Understanding/dp/0736919619/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1236904232&sr=8-1 which I now think I need to read. It sounded really funny.