Who Cares About Calories?

Vince was watching some show on TV over the weekend and they were talking about counting calories to lose weight.  Last night Vince was reading about calories on the internet and he asked me . . what meal do you fix that has the lowest number of calories?  Like I know! Off the top of my head I would say chicken piccata.  My thoughts on losing weight (not that I think about it much) is that you can eat anything you want, just eat small portions and exercise.  Don’t get me wrong . . I don’t eat small portions and I don’t exercise enough and I do need to lose weight.

Shortly after this discussion, I fixed myself dinner.  Vince was still feeling bad and he only wanted soup — Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup.  He can have all he wants . . I don’t like that stuff at all!

That’s my dinner .. not one hour after our calorie discussion.  I totally forgot, on purpose maybe, about calories when I sliced that piece of cake to have right along with my egg and toast .. not even as dessert but as part of my meal!  That’s what an empty nester can have for dinner.  Dessert along with the meal or . . maybe instead of a meal! That’s even better!


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    oh yummy sounds divine (of course mine would be gluten free) and hey we are here for a good time not necessarily a long time.so therefor I don’t have time for diets..hehehe cheers Vickie

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    I am totally obsessed with weight, calories etc. If Vince had asked me that, I would know exactly what the best, healthiest supper meal I make is. That is a poached salmon filet, with mashed potatoe and veg. I have counted calories for years. I don’t know if it’s benefitted me or not. Who knows, I might be even bigger than I am if I didn’t. Tell Vince, one free online tool I use to figure out calories, (and the fat, protein and carb balance) is at http://www.fitday.com. I love to use that site for about a week to get a true picture. Enough about calories, let’s quilt!

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    Tell Vince tyo be careful with the soup. Since Roger is on a low sodium-low-sugar diet(a nightmare for us) I have to check everything for it. Soup is a major source of huge amounts of sodium. Even their low-fat one is horrible. Very bad for the heart. Since you make a lot of your own things you probably don’t have to consider that much. I make my own pasta sauce and soups. Around here the women laugh at me for going to all that trouble. Sodium in most jarred sauces is up in the thousands per seving and it’s full of sugar. Now he doesn’t laugh at me anymore. Fresh sauce is so much better anyway.
    Good luck to Vince-it’s a real battle between tasting good and being good for you.

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    I’m with Judy, life is short, eat cake for dinner! Sometimes Jim and I have ice cream and popcorn for dinner. LOL

    My motto is, if it tastes fabulous, it’s gotta be good for you! :)~~

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    I remember eating ice cream and cookies for dinner before we had children, I didn’t even think about my meals in that same light since becoming an empty nester… thanks for turning the light of inspiration back on for me! 🙂 Life is short, after all, eating dessert first makes sense.

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    becky says

    My favorite breakfast is the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas, a piece of pecan pie! Unfortunately it has to be gluten free, but I can handle it.

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    Yup…cake first or as part of the meal works for me. Yesterday morning we had our little local (neighborhood) sewing group. It was at another gal’s house. She had orange slices which I ate AND donuts and cream-cheese pie. I had some of THAT, too, and then came home and ate lunch. Backwards, I know, but fun!!! I need to do at least some walking, though….seriously…I need to get something going here. *sigh*

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    Martha F in upstate NY says

    Now, remember, stressed is just desserts spelled backwards!
    So no stress…go for the desserts!

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    Breakfast for dinner is our favorite but we like to include hashbrowns and gravy. 😉
    I think next time we will include cake. Fabulous idea!!! For years, my motto has been life is short, eat desert first.
    As for counting calories, I have a hard enough time counting my money and there isn’t much of that to count!

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    I for one believe that you can eat dessert whenever you want – I tell the residents in the home that all the time – often there are multiple food groups in a dessert – so it’s almost well balanced. See – you can rationalize anything!

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    Heehee! I’m all for dessert as the meal. Chocolate cake and pumpkin or apple pie count as (occasional) acceptable breakfast options in my house. 🙂 We eat our fruits and veggies during the rest of the day so no real harm with the occasional sugar rush.

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    Dessert with the meal . . . nothing wrong with that. Once in a while I will order dessert as my appetizer! Life is short – enjoy! At least enjoy in moderation.

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    MMMmmmmmmmm Mexican food!! Fajitas and Margharitas!!! Yummy…have a little extra for us out here stuck making dinner at home tonight. 🙂