An Afternoon Trip

You all have spoken and the dark greens have it. Jill mentioned maybe using the bottom green instead of the lighter leafy green print.  I might just do that.  Honestly, it was early this morning when I looked at the pattern and I need to look at it all again and see what I think.  Thanks for voting!  It’s so nice to have so many of you willing to share your opinion/thoughts!

Vince took off half a day today and we went to Joplin.  Isn’t this rock fountain gorgeous with all that ice!

You know that if we went to Joplin, we ate Thai food.  I really want to learn to make Thai dishes.  That is some of the most flavorful food I’ve ever had.

Vince had Tropical Chicken and he said it may be the best dish he’s had there.  See all that green stuff on top?  Basil!  Vince loves basil!

I had some kind of seafood something that I’ve been wanting to try.  It has shrimp, scallops, mussels and . . squid!  See all that green stuff on top . . basil!  Have I mentioned that I love basil!  I really love basil!

And, have I mentioned lately how much I love Missouri?  I love it!  Today was gorgeous.  Cold, windy, somewhat cloudy . . more so in Joplin than at our house but everything is getting green; jonquils are popping up everywhere; Bradford Pears are beginning to bloom; most trees have buds . . little halos of green.  Spring is knocking at our door and I am so ready!


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    Well, when I come to visit and we eat there, I’ll get Vince’s chicken. If I don’t see water, I don’t order seafood! LOL. xo

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    You’re making me hungry for Thai — maybe Keith will agree to Thai for dinner tomorrow night when he gets home.

    I saw some Daffodils when I was visiting Mom but nothing’s green around here yet. It’s been really cold the last couple days but we’re supposed to have a gorgeous weekend in the high 40’s.

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    Oh Judy, I would so love to see pictures of all the flowers and trees you spoke of in your post. I’ve lived in the desert most of my life… we don’t have seasons… I’d love to see what you see. Please post pics! Can you post the wonderful smells that I’m sure go with the pics too… LOL!

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    Uh. Where’s the Purple Sparkles post? I could only get the partial story in my reader. Was looking forward to seeing the picture because I enjoy purple. 🙂

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    Rebecca says

    I love basil, too. My husband gets a kick out of how much I enjoy it. It brings such a fresh, summery taste to food!

    That said, I think there’s a difference between our usual basil and Thai basil. I don’t know how much, but it’s there.

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    I too love Thai food… (I even like it in the shelf stable packets…)
    I hope you had sticky rice with Mango – I can’t leave a Thai restaurant without having some – or else I am terribly crabby… (I got to watch a guy eat the last portion once….)