Which Green?

Which of the greens with the arrows do you like best for this group?  The top one (darker) or the bottom one (lighter)?  If I’m looking at them very closely, I like the bottom one better.  It’s actually a black background with tiny packed green dots.  From a distance, it looks like an almost solid green and I think it blends with the lighter green (on the left by the pink) too much.  The darker green (top) isn’t perfect but I think it’s better because it doesn’t blend . . I don’t want blending.

This is one of those instances where going to the quilt shop and buying the perfect green would be nice but . . I’m using the stash!

Which would you use . . top or bottom?  I’m going to be cutting this out this afternoon.  The green we’re deciding on would be the background; the pinks are all in alternating blocks; the lighter green by the pinks will be used in a chain block, along with the background green.  The floral is in the border.  See how handy those tone on tone fabrics are for the stash.  The floral is from Vicky’s stash and this will be a donation quilt . . to the orphanage in Louisiana.

Thanks for your input.


  1. 1


    I’d go with the Contrast. If it’s background won’t you need more than that?? Looks like not much more than a FQ. Pink and Green HUMMMMMMMMMMM too bad I have to work on the more masculine colors to make my DGS quilts right now…

  2. 2

    Cecilia H says

    Top one. I like the contrast. To me the bottom one is too wimpy, but it’s your quilt and I’m only viewing it by computer.

  3. 4

    Lee Ann Hansen says

    Top one! Because everyone else will be looking at the quilt from farther away. : )

  4. 6

    Toni says

    Looked at it again and read the cutting description. I vote for the darker, more contrast.

  5. 8


    I like the top one too. Greens are hard for me as there are a lot of them I don’t like. I like the contrast and I see the dark green in the floral. Can’t wait to see the top!

  6. 9


    I’d go for the top one also. I like the dark. I love these colors and can’t wait to see what you are doing.

  7. 11


    It looks like the vote is for the top one; I was going to say the top one… I guess I still will although it’s tempting to be contrary.

  8. 12

    Judy in Michigan says

    Based on what you said about the greens being a chain, I would like the bottom one. The dark green in the chain might overshadow the pinks and you would have them fighting each other for attention. Looks like I’m in the minority though. The dark green does pop but then so do the pinks.

  9. 14


    Top, though if it were me I would use both Top & Bottom instead of Top & the more lime colored leaf one on the left.

  10. 17

    Bobbie says

    Top one. I think “it (the quilt)” needs some darker in it –but remember-what do I know? I am almost the worlds worst at picking right fabrics-I get help everytime I go to do it. Hugs, Bobbie

  11. 20


    Using my laptop monitor, I say the top one. It would be easier to choose in real life, I think.

    In our small town we are celebrating 3.2″ of rain in the last 24 hours.

    Take care,

  12. 23

    Rachel says

    I vote top too! The contrast is way better, I think the bottom one would get lost.


  13. 25


    If you didn’t have the dark pinks, I’d be picking the bottom one…but you need a bolder color to balance out the darker pinks, I think. (LIsten to me here…acting like I have enough color sense to tell YOU which green to choose!!!) I do love that bottom green, though. My stash has WAY more green than anything else, so I guess you might call me the Queen of Green. LOL

  14. 26


    I personally like the bottom one better. If you don’t want blending, then chose the top one. You can’t lose either way. YEAH for using the stash!

  15. 31

    CarolE says

    They’re both great, but if you can’t find a way to use both, I’d pick the top one. And if you run out, I probably have some in my stash.

  16. 33


    I choose the top one….blends better with the floral……and doesn’t compete with the lighter green you have chosen.

    Karen L

  17. 34


    I vote for the top one, too. Makes my heart happy to see some the charity fabric heading to Houma! You’re a good lady, Judy! (Hugs)

  18. 37


    On my computer the darker green looks better, but you know computers are not as good as seeing fabric with your eye. All fabrics are nice and I really like the border fabric.

  19. 45

    Heather says

    Hi Judy! I like the top one better. I think the darker green plays nicer with the rest of the fabrics. I can’t wait to see this quilt – those are pretty fabrics!

  20. 46

    Claudia says

    I vote for the darker green. I think its darkness will balance the brightness of the 2 darker/brighter pinks.

  21. 47

    Julie (in Arizona) says

    I like the top green better. It seems to make the other colors “pop”.

  22. 48

    Linda says

    You’ve probably already got the top finished (I know you are FAST!) but the dark one for sure!

  23. 50


    I like the top one as well. With the light colors in the dark fabric it blends nicely with the green on the left. That floral is kinda a surprise for you. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  24. 52


    The darker green, absolutely! It helps the leaves pop in the floral fabric and helps all the fabrics flow together. :o)

  25. 54


    ……………………………… LOll so many votes !!

  26. 55

    Richelle says

    I am sure you have decided by now but I would choose the top darker green. Have fun!

  27. 60

    Linda H says

    To me, –on my monitor– the bottom green looks dull. All the other fabrics are bright and clear. The top green, while dark, does not look dull. It pulls out the dark green in the border floral and balances the intensity of the reds/pinks. Being dark, it adds definition, not blending. I would go with the dark one. Wow! This will be a pretty quilt!

  28. 63


    i’d go with the top, the darker green, think it gives it more balance, as in value, the bottom is too washed out looking i think…anyway that’s my 2 cents…

  29. 64

    Lynne in Hawaii says

    I liked the top one before I started reading your thoughts. I like the contrast and has some of the other greens in it. Yep, the dark one.

  30. 67


    I didn’t read through the mass of comments first .. so you might have already decided. I would definitely pick the top one. Love the fabric choices, I’m sure this will be another beauty.