Yummy Purple Yarn

Our local yarn shop, J. Wray & Co., does a lot of their own dying.  In her newsletter earlier this week, she mentioned a hand dyed sock yarn that has superwash merino/silk/nylon and sterling silver!  I had to see it so I went over and this one came home with me.

You can’t see the sparkles too well in this picture but there are lots of sparkles. This will make a fine pair of socks!   And . . do you notice how well it matches that ugly bird fabric?  How do you think I would look in a pair of pants made from that bird fabric?  Don’t answer that!  Seriously . . it will not happen! 🙂


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    I love that color and I love socks. I have tried knitting socks once. I did not get very far. Working with all of those needles was just to much for me. I am thinking I might try it again. Any suggestions for an easy pattern. I have visited the sock yarn site several times and the yarns look yummy. I really don’t need anything else to do but that has never stopped me before! Sue Lord

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    You could make a little project bag for your socks from that bird fabric, that would be cool. The purple is great.

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    Oh, come on…..do some kind of lounging pants and take a picture to show us…..sparkly purple socks and LOUD lounging pants. It will look SOOO good!!! Really, it will.

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    I really love that purple yarn. Why don`t you make the pants and a pair of socks, I`m sure it will be great together.
    And if you don`t like it, you can have a giveaway. I guess my chances of winning is good (take a look at my blog to find out why…..) I would just love to have a pair of socks made from this yarn.
    Have a nice weekend!

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    June Piper-Brandon says

    Love that yarn. I spent the whole day at my guilds show today. Woolworks has a booth at the show and they have some of the most beautiful wools, made me think of you!! I saw Amy ummm… can’t remember her last name there, you have quilted for her too. She was asking me if you still quilt for me!! Of course you do. We have 4 quilts hanging in the show!!