Dad’s Quilt

Much of yesterday was spent cutting borders.  In order to get Dad’s quilt close to the size he wants, I kept adding borders.  He wants it for his queen size bed but he has a problem with his quilts sliding off the bottom of the bed.  I’m going to use a good flannel sheet for the backing and I think that will help keep it from falling off.  The quilt will be about 90″ x 103″.  I think I’ll use wool batting as I think wool is warm but not hot.

It ends up with seven borders, not counting the outer sashing.  I may be kicking my own butt (wouldn’t you like to see me try that!) but I cut all the borders yesterday afternoon, sewed them and cut them to size.  I’m hoping I did all that right . . otherwise I’m going to have a huge mess on my hands.

Here’s what’s done so far:

The “X” sashing squares . . aren’t they cute?  Here’s a little tutorial on how I made those.  I hope the next time you see this quilt, the entire top, borders and all, will be done!


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    Looking good. You are brave to cut the borders ahead of time. I always do that measuring across the middle thing for each border I add….am afraid they’d be all “wonky’ otherwise. But…then again…I don’t make quilt tops nearly as well as you do. 🙂

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    Oh Judy that’s really stunning! I would never have thought to add so many borders, but it looks totally and utterly awesome!

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    Diane H in Alaska says

    Very nice quilt. Your dad will love it. Seven borders is alot for me. Sometimes it becomes a UFO when I get to the borders. They seem to take more time than sewing the top. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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    peggy says

    I have always been told the more borders added, the greater chance of wavy ones. I’ve never been brave enough to do more than 3. You inspire me.

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    Angie says

    Judy, your dad’s quilt is simply stunning! I admire your knowledge and how well you use EQ. I really should spend some time learning that program. Your added borders really frame the center of the quilt beautifully. I love flannel backings on quilts. I’m looking forward to seeing it when your finished.

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    As always, another winner………

    Borders are hard for me and I don’t enjoy them. I was thinking this morning as I was working on my Bears in the Farmyard that I need to get used to them because you use them alot and every quilt I ever made from one of your designs has been a quilt I was pleased with…………

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    Rose H says

    Wow, Judy, your Dad’s quilt is absolutely beautiful. The X-sashing gives the quilt that extra WOW! Your Dad will love this special quilt. Wool batting makes a quilt that is oh so warm. My Mom used to make all of our bed quilts with wool batting and they were light, but very, very warm. Her quilts were the whole-cloth, ulitarian but we kept nice and comfy on cold Wisconsin nights.

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    Katie says

    I had forgotten you were making this one, but it’s goergous. The EQ workup doesn’t do justice to the actual blocks you’ve made. Your dad is one lucky guy to get such a beautiful quilt! And I like the idea of a flannel back to keep the quilt on the bed – filing that into the vast empty spaces of my brain for future use!