Found the Missing Kit!

When I was at the Road to California show in 2008, the booth I was in had the cutest little quilt for a little boy.  My niece had just had a baby boy and I really wanted to get that kit but it went like hot cakes!  Before I got a chance to get one, it was gone.  In April, I ended up getting the kit but never got around to making it.  When we were back in Kentucky last September, I bought some backing fabric from my favorite shop there, Village Mercantile.  After making the quilts for my niece’s daughters a few months ago, I decided to go ahead and sew up the kit for Keaton.  But . . where was it?  I searched my sewing room.  I had the backing fabric, but not the kit.  I searched upstairs.  I couldn’t even remember the last time I had seen it.  I searched some more.  I finally gave up.  I couldn’t remember how much I had paid for the kit but figured I’d just buy another one.  I didn’t want to take quilts to the girls and not have anything for Keaton.

Yesterday I was cleaning my car.  In the back, there’s a piece of carpet that just lays on top of what is a picnic table that comes out.  Under that table is a big bowl shaped thing that is supposed to be a cooler.  This is all built in to the car . . and we’ve never used that bowl as a cooler, nor have we used the picnic table that folds out but that bowl is great for storing (or losing) things.  Guess what was in there!  Yep . . my kit!

I guess it never made it into the house.  I’m so glad to have found it.  I’ll get it made up next week and then I’ll have quilts for all of Kristy’s kids when I see them.


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    wow gotta love finds like that hey…hmm now I wonder where will be the first place you will look when next time you misplace something?

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    Dawn L says

    almost as good as finding money you left in yout winter coat pocket! Ha ha
    Dawn in MA

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    … that sounds like a great spot for hiding things you don’t want you husband to find… 😉
    Congrats on finding what was lost, those “time bandits” can be so greedy sometimes.

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    Glad you had success. I am still looking for my Perfect Circles. I know that as soon as I break down and order more I will find the ones I have.

    Your stack and whack is coming along well. I can see why you are enjoying it.

    I am headed upstairs to tame those farmyard bears. Then fixing your great meatloaf for supper tonight.

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    becky rhodes says

    Your stack and whack is wonderful. It’s amazing how different the blocks all look. I wouldn’t redo the middle block. I zoomed in and couldn’t tell there was anything different. Good use of fabrics that showed up in your stash and you have no clue why.

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    Love the kit! I bought the panel and several yards of the coordinates when we were in MO on our honeymoon back in June. The shop in Carthage had a lot of it and we even stop on our way back through and buy more. I didn’t get them made up until Jan/Feb of this year, but I love both of the quilts I made using that line.

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    That’s funny! They built in a hidie hole. 😉
    Glad you found it. I have that fabric and haven’t done anything with it yet. I sure hope you show your quilt so I will be inspired before the boys are too old to enjoy it.

  8. 11


    Don’t you love when you hide stuff from yourself… It is cute fabric for a boy. I have the 911 panel saved for a grandson someday. I’m curious how you will finish it, will you just quilt a fun pantograph on it??? Borders??? Today I’m doing the two I pin basted Tuesday on my DSM. Grandson’s Birthday next week…

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    I’m glad you found it before you ordered another kit. Can’t wait to see it made up…looks like very cute fabric for a little boy’s quilt.