Funny Beans

We have beans often because we both love all kinds of beans.  We mostly use dry beans – black beans, pinto beans, lima beans, great northern beans, split peas, garbanza beans, black eyed peas  .  . yep, we love beans.  Last week we were in a Wal-Mart in one of the neighboring counties and found these:

Best I can determine, they’re called “broad beans” and I think they’re really dried fava beans.  Vince and I searched for recipes and came up with a few.  For whatever recipe, soaking the beans was the first step.

I made a bean soup with potatoes and carrots and it was yummy!   But this dish was really delicious!

It has pancetta, fresh basil (from the second batch I have growing in my little indoor garden), cream, Roma tomatoes and the beans.  I think we’ll be having this dish again . . soon!


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    Do you have a link to the recipe for the second dish you described above? Sounds like a good one to me, too.

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    Fava beans are big overseas…we first had them in Egypt in 88. They use them like we do Pinto beans! They mash them and smear them on a Pita type bread, add meat and seasoned yogurt. I dont remember what the sandwiches were called in Egypt, but in Saudi they were called Swarma. We ate a bunch of them!

    I’ve never noticed favas for sale in the stores here. I’ll have to look closer! Your recipe sounds great 🙂

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    Oooh yes, share the recipe please, we love beans too and I have pintos soaking for dinner tonight… I have some grilled chicken, poblano peppers and not sure what I’m making just yet, LOL

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    Mary Lou says

    Yes, another vote for the recipe, please! Variety with beans is a wonderful thing!

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    Yummy!!! We eat a lot of beans too!!!! I have some ham and bean soup in the crock pot right now! I would love to have the recipe too!

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    Dawn L says

    being of Portuguese decent we love fava beans. Your recipe looks very delicious! We usually make them with peppers and onions and tomatoes all stir fried up and some linguicia which is a Portuguese sausage. you are making me hungry for some……..
    we need yor recipe please.
    Dawn in MA

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    Frances says

    Hi here in UK we grow Broad Beans in the summer they are great with ham never bought dried ones though we can get them fresh,frozen or in cans