Sneakin’ Dog

Let’s just get this out of the way . . the dog sleeps in the big bed . . the bed where the wife used to sleep before the TV was put in the bedroom.  Not really . . that’s a joke.  OK?  There’s no TV in the bedroom and the wife still sleeps there.  Speck didn’t always sleep with us but he does now.  But, he’s a dachshund and he isn’t supposed to jump so we’ve never let him jump into or out of our bed.  We pick him up and put him in or out of the bed.  He never really tries to jump into the bed . . why should he?

The other night I knew I was going to be staying up much later than Vince so I went to turn back the bed and remove the extra pillows.  Why can’t most men do that?  If Vince had his way, there would be no extra pillows on the bed.  Anyway, I turned the covers back, took off a couple of pillows; then thought I should take my shower too.  Turned the shower on to let it run for a minute to get warm water, went back into the bedroom to get my clothes and look who was in bed!

He must’ve been trying to pretend he didn’t see me so maybe I wouldn’t see him but he’s giving me that dachshund “out of the corner of my eye” look.

He wasn’t at all happy about being disturbed but he just didn’t have the energy to do anything about it.  No, I didn’t leave him in the bed.  He would’ve jumped down eventually . . doesn’t like being left alone.

If you love dachshunds, you have to say Speck is a cute one!


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    OK, I’ll say it. Speck is cute! We have a dachshund who allows us to live here, too. I am well familiar with that “out the corner of the eye” look!

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    Cute dog. A neighbor – We’re deep in the country. Our neighbors are 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. – just recued a Dachshund from the pound and the little guy keeps showing up on our doorstep or my sister’s. I’m afraid he will become coyote breakfast if he doesn’t learn to stay home. My sister’s Golden Retriever thinks the little guy is a gift just for him from dog toy heaven.

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    Oh my gosh! Do I ever know the out of the corner of the eye look! I have 2 – it gets BAD! Especially after I trim their nails! Speck is a cutie! Hard to be upset with him, I bet!

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    Speck is one of the cutest dog in blogland! There is nothing wrong with sharing your bed with your buddy. I miss my bed sharing doggies. My Tony lab is just too darn big but he does get up there sometimes and he can’t get up by himself yet so I know he has help and it isn’t from me. 🙂

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    I sleep with mine too, and they are large dogs; a lab and a lab mix. We let my DH sleep with us too, but we love it when he’s out of town and we have the whole bed! LOL . Speck is cute,,,,,I had a Dachshund when I was growing up, he gave us the same look and thought we didn’t see him. His name was Charlie Brown.

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    Cindy says

    Speck is really cute, but I’ve never met a dappled doxie that wasn’t, well… grouchy! I’ve known lots of red ones and they’ve all been fine, but there have been a couple of dappled ones that I could never make friends with. And dogs LOVE me! NOW what on earth would the dogs color have to do with temperament.

    Maybe it was the owners!


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    Bobbie says

    My dog Sis-1 of 2 dogs that live here-a 7 month blue heeler-is in BIG TROUBLE from yesterday–I was walking out the door to go to my quilt club meeting-walked by the laundry room-glanced in–What has happned in there?????????? White stuff from here to yonder all over the place–Sis has her doggie bed in there and she tore all the stuffing out of it . This is the third and last one she will ever do–no more fluffy, soft neat doggie beds for her. Bobbie

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    My mini Schnauzers have “the look” too, and who are we kidding…it is their bed and we are allowed to share it!

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    Dogs, and kids, seem to have the patent rights to “that” look, don’t cha think?

    Spike is a cutie. . . . .but maybe you should convince Vince that HE needs to go shopping for those doggie steps so that Spike doesn’t have to jump (we know that you don’t like to go shopping, that is why I suggested a Vince only trip).

    Have a great day,

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    shannon says

    Our Marvin, a blue merle long hair, will be 15 years old in May. We got him a couple of months before my dh and I got married. He had back surgery to remove a bulging disc when he was 4 or 5 years old. I can’t remember exactly….. We didn’t think he would recover but he did! He didn’t do a lot of stairs or jumping, but what he did wasn’t good for him. He has difficulty getting around more than ever because of his age. We love him a lot!

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    Gwen says

    Speck really has the “look” worked out! So do the ones who let me live with them! We put in a ramp when I couldn’t pick mine up during treatment. They really “needed” to be on the bed with me when I was not feeling well. Hugs, Gwen

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    Evelyn says

    Funny! I had a rottie and she used to think that if she hid her head like an ostrich – no one could see her! Sadly, she died of cancer, but her funny antics will live forever in our memories! Speck is a character.
    Cheers! Evelyn

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    Trish says

    I have a long-haired, miniature dachshund that sleeps in my bed until DH stumbles into bed in the middle of the night after sleeping the first half in his LaZBoy. My bed is too high for sweet, precious, adorable Nick to jump onto, but he certainly doesn’t hesitate to jump off. So I bought him a set of doggie steps. I know … dachshund’s aren’t supposed to do stairs … but these steps are only about 3-inches high. And I figure that’s better for his back than taking a flying leap off the bed.

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    Susan ~ Patchkat in TX says

    Speck was hoping you would think he was just an extra pillow! You weren’t supposed to “see” him.

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    Yes, he is cute!

    I don’t let Chesty roam around at night so he’s either sleeping in his crate or in our bed. I feel bad for him when it’s really cold so he sleeps with us so I can keep him covered with his afghan – seriously, he has two I made him. It’s just about warm enough for him to go back to sleeping in the crate.

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    I haven’t baked bread in so many years that I don’t believe it even counts. My grown sons were school kids, that’s how long it’s been. I love eating it and the smell of it baking but the thought of making it rarely pops into my head. You make it sound so worth it.

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    He is so adorable. I have never had one but my friend let me keep hers when she went on a trip. I loved how he sit right beside me in my chair. My golden is way too big so we don’t allow her on furniture. But I just loved the doxie laying right beside me in my chair. What was so cute is that when I fed him, he would take over the golden’s food and make the golden wait. I took pictures because it was so cute. The golden thought it was a puppy and she had to take care of it. (Misty)

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    Amy says

    After 16 years of marriage, the dogs are just now being trained to stay down in the family room by themselves ALL NIGHT. Eeekkk! (I can’t stand it) Up ’til about 4 days ago, all of them — 4 dachshunds – slept in bed with us. It makes a queen-sized bed feel a little too cozy at times, but I miss my sweet babies – especially in the morning. My husband fell down the stairs in early October while carrying our Archer. My husband’s ankle snapped in TWO places – requiring two surgeries, and the dog flew down the rest of the stairs – landing with a ka-thud at the bottom. Luckily this was not our eldest dachsie, who just had her third back surgery a few weeks prior to that. My husband slept down in the family room, with all of the dogs, from October until just four days ago. He was finally able to make it up the stairs without pain. (And I just fell down them last Saturday morning – but thankfully I didn’t break anything in the process.) Our sweeties are … … Ezri – a standard-sized smooth black & tan silver dapple who is 8 years old from Missouri; Archer – a 6-year-old miniature red smooth (with too many extra pounds on him) bred in Ohio; Ba’el – a 6-year-old miniature longhair red from West Virginia; and Tobin – a 4-year-old black & tan piebald smooth with brown and black ticking from Alabama

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    Love the Speck stories. Our doxies are here to make us laugh. Yes, I do know that “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me look.” Speck knows a good place when he finds it.

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    Norma in Baton Rouge says

    There’s just something so soothing about having your dog sleep in the bed with you. Our boxer Roscoe sleeps between my husband and I in our king-sized bed. And takes up more than his fair share! But we love him there. Non dog-lovers just don’t understand. Roscoe makes no pretense of hiding there – he thinks it’s his bed!
    Norma in Baton Rouge