I’m Back!

Bet most of you didn’t know I was gone! We’ve just . . as in one hour ago, walked in the door from having spent a week in Arkansas at a cabin on the White River.  I love Mountain View, Arkansas and like so many places we visit, I would have been perfectly happy to have stayed and not come home.

This is the back door of our cabin.  See the water out there?

And here’s a better shot of the water.

No matter how deep the water, you could still see the bottom.  This is actually the creek that connects to the White River.

Yes, Speck went too.  He’s such a good little traveler, til you put him in the kennel.

Oh, yes . . does NOT like to be put in there so . . let me just chew right through these metal bars! Sweet puppy! 🙂

There will be lots of pictures over the next few days but this was the highlight of the trip for Vince and Chad.

We had no internet access and cell phones didn’t work at all . . see why I was so happy there?  If I walked up to the top of a hill, I could get the wireless internet to work.  I did that twice — once to check the weather forecast and once to get a phone number.  If we left the cabin and drove about 2 miles, the cell phones worked.  I was a bit worried about how Chad would survive without the internet and cell phone/text messaging.  He did great!  I don’t think he turned the cell phone on once and he walked up the hill to use his computer once so he could see if his paycheck had been deposited in his account . . couldn’t wait to spend that money!

While it will be nice to sleep in my own bed tonight . . what I missed most was my shower!  The shower in the cabin was small and I’ll be so happy to get in my own shower . . that’s where I’m headed now!  And then, it won’t be long til I’m in my own bed and cooking in my own kitchen . . home is a great place to be.


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    Welcome home! I thought maybe you were gone. Sounds like a great trip and look at those fish! R & R is good for the soul.

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    lesthook says

    Oh! That’s my neck of the woods! At least the area where I am from and my family still lives there. Spent lots of time at White Lake growing up. And on trips home in the summer!

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    Lynn and I go to Mountain View every chance we get. You should try to go the third weekend of Novemeber. There is a big cruise in of old cars and we go every year. We are going April 23 & 24. I am going to take a medical terminology class and we are going to a show that some friends do. We can’t wait.

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    Poor Speck! I don’t think he and Daisy are related. She’s perfectly content to sleep for 20 hours straight in her kennel. LOL. She’s a laid back CA dog!

    Those trout look wonderful! Yum, I can even taste them! And I can see water!!

    It sounds like your vacation was perfect, but being in your own bathroom and bed — well, there’s something to be said for that! Welcome home. I missed you!!

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    What a wonderful vacation. I’m glad to hear you were gone, because I thought at times today “I wonder if Judy is OK?”

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    Beautiful! It looks like a great place to spend a week! Glad you’re back home safe and sound. Nothing like “getting away” and nothing compares to “getting back home” either.

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    I’m so glad you had a good time! We’re looking at taking another vacation with the boys this year if we can work it out – Adam’s schedule is the worst and Keith’s and Becky’s aren’t a lot better. Chris and I can pretty much go anytime. I really treasure the times we’re all together!