One Dish Meals

Since Chad went off to school, I’m really shocked at how little cooking I’m doing.  I never thought of Chad as eating a lot but I guess he did and the milk!  We’ve one from 2 gallons a week to where one half gallon isn’t even being used before the expiration date.  A lot of the cooking while Chad was here was because he doesn’t like casseroles and stews . . he likes one dish of meat, a couple of side dishes and bread.

I took my iron skillet Dutch oven with us to Arkansas and even though the cabin had pots and pans, I only used that one skillet the whole week.  Yes, we did use the grill a lot but I started thinking about all the time I used to spend in the kitchen . . planning meals, cooking, cleaning up and I think I like these one dish meals.

What I’ve decided to do is try making one dish meals every day for a while and see how it goes.  Just weekdays . . we’ll do our regular cooking on weekends.  And, when I say “one dish”, I don’t really mean that our whole meal will be one dish.  I may serve whatever I cook over rice or pasta, and we’ll probably have a salad and bread too but I’m really going to try to limit the main cooking to one pot.

And, of course, you’ll come along with me for this ride!  I’ll entitle each post as ODM (for one dish meal) and then the name of the recipe so for those not interested, you can just skip right over that post.

How does that sound?


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    Bobbie says

    I’m patientely tapping my foot waiting. Just 2 of us and I end up throwing out more food than we eat. I do some one dishers, but I always am looking for new ones. It is so hard on me not to cook for 2 when I used to cook for 5 or more-depended how manyof the kids friends came by at supper time. When I still do that, I get so sick and tired of 3 nights of leftovers. TAP_TAP_TAP Hugs, Bobbie

  2. 2

    Cathi Harry says

    We’ve been just two for quite awhile now & I still cannot make a small amount of soup, spaghetti, chili, etc. Now when I cook, we usually have leftovers for a day or two, or I may freeze something for a later date when time is short. Fortunately, both of our daughters live close by & we share with them. Nothing goes to waste. Even the last dregs go to our daughter’s dog!

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    Sounds good to me. I am so tired of the food I usually make, so new ideas will be wonderful. Don’t forget to include some of your cajun cooking as many of us are self taught with regional foods.

  4. 4

    diana says

    I would never skip over ANY post you write!! I love em all!!
    Also still interested in the cake recipes you accumulated getting a great one for Vince.
    (when you get a minute, ha-ha!)
    Diana in Illinois

  5. 7

    Bon says

    I love one dish meals. In fact, quite often I’ll only have one thing. Case in point, tonight was shrimp. Yup, that’s all. shrimp. Well, I might have a little dessert later. Maybe.

  6. 8

    Toni says

    I was wondering how long it would take before you realized how much of your life centered around cooking for Chad. Welcome to kitchen freedom!! You’ve come a long way, baby!!

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    both of our daughters left home close to the same time and left us with an empty next years ago. I found an amazing difference in the amount of food that was left over until I finally after several years was making the correct amount for two. Looking forward to seeing what your one dish meals are. I do that a lot to, something to go with pasta or rice with a salad or veggie on the side.

  8. 10

    Sherri Starr says

    I am still trying to learn to shop and cook for one…will look forward to the ODM’s

  9. 11

    shari heath says

    Yummm! More casseroles and one dish meals. They’re a favorite here. Wish I could convince my DH that putting something over rice is a good thing. Somebody convinced him somewhere that rice is bad for you.

  10. 13


    I cook a LOT of one dish meals. They’re my favorites and I have several cookbooks with one dish recipes.

  11. 14


    We are on a very limited budget, along with both my son and I at times working 2 jobs. One dish meals seem to be most of what I cook. Still have lots of leftovers. Since he doesn’t want to eat the vegies on the side but says he doesn’t mind them in the meal since that is a normal way for me to cook. I look forward to your ODM’s I need more variety.

  12. 15

    peggy says

    I guess there are several “peggys” making comments. Here’s mine. I would love those kinds of meals! Our neighbors were over tonight for split pea soup from the crockpot, bread from the Artisan cookbook and salad. Greatly enjoyed and not too hard on the cook-me. Don’t forget the wheat bread recipe.

    Glad you’re back.

  13. 19

    dawn says

    sounds fabulous. If companies would also understand that two people cant use up a 12 pack of hot dog rolls especially since they dont even “go” with the 8 pack of hot dogs. we are not fans of bread pudding and such so the birds get most of the rolls. such a waste.
    love meals that are one pot, one mess.
    bring it on girlfriend!
    Dawn in MA

  14. 21


    Judy, with just the 2 of us, I rarely make more than 2 things, and 9 times out of 10, I grill or smoke the meat, and then simply cook a veggie, baked potatoes, risotto, or a salad. It’s plenty, clean up is a cinch and we don’t overeat quite so badly. Ha!