Stash Report, Week 12

Nothing to account for this week.  I did lots of sewing but it was all counted in last week’s report.  Nothing added so that’s good.

Please share your stash report for the world to see! 🙂


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    Used 24 -1/2 yards this week ( 2 backings, bindings, etc).
    Total stash used this year- 124.75 yards
    Total purchased this year- 0

    Still don’t seem to be making a dent in my stash!! You can see my stash on the flicker link by clicking on my name and you’ll see why I haven’t run out or even run low on fabric yet!!

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    Donna (in MI) says

    I have used 81 yeards this year and purchased 21 yards. WooHoo. I have only purchased material with a purpose in mind. And I like keeping track of my usuage in Excel. I can see what I have done for the year. My goal is to end the year with emtpy fabric bins.

    On the bad side, I have just taken up knitting. I hear that knitters have stashes…something I am going to try to fight.

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    I haven’t gotten to making major quilts yet, so my yardage totals are just crawling along…but at least they’re “moving”. As I’m using stuff and making new “scraps” I’m precutting squares (2.5″) for another project.

    (designed in EQ6. For any with EQ6, I can send the file if you want).

    This should allow me to use some yardages of solids…so this is a good thing.

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    Denise says

    Good news and bad news – bad news hit the quilt shop yesterday; good news – already stitched up what I bought. 🙂