Vacation Part 2

When we arrived at the cabin on Day 1 (Saturday), we unpacked the car, checked out the cabin . . yes, there’s a microwave; yes, there’s a fridge; yes, there’s a stove; yes, there’s a coffee pot; yes, there’s a toaster.  I had my meals all planned out for the week.  Every day for lunch was sandwiches.  Dinners were to be hamburgers on the grill, hot dogs on the grill, hamburgers on the grill again, Italian sausage on the grill, and hopefully one night, we’d have fish.  For breakfast, we were having biscuits or toast, eggs, bacon or sausage and on the morning Chad and Vince were going out with a guide, they were having muffins (that I’d make the night before and pop in the microwave on that very early morning).

We went to Wal-Mart in Mountain View, about 7 miles away, and bought the groceries needed for the week.  I had brought meat from home but nothing else.  Vince and Chad were both with me but thankfully, they were more interested in shopping for fishing supplies.  Taking either one of them to the grocery store usually means the grocery bill is way more than it should be.  Got all the groceries and put everything away.  Had sandwiches for dinner that night.

Sunday morning (which is now Day 2), I turned the oven on, put the biscuits on the cookie sheet, opened the oven and WHAT?  There are no racks . . not one . . no where in that cabin could I find a rack for the oven.  Stuck the biscuits back in the freezer and we had toast.  By now, it was getting warm in the cabin so we went to open some of the windows.  WHAT?  No screens on the windows.  Vince went down to the office and one guy said to the other guy “hey . . what happened to the screens?”  I dunno!  Just open the windows without the screens . . we don’t have any bugs this time of year! OK . . I wasn’t too happy with that plan but I didn’t have a lot of options.

Bubba sent his helper down to the cabin to search for the oven rack.  Nope, he couldn’t find it either so he left and came back with one after a while.  Oven problem solved, screens on windows . . not solved!

Vince and Chad went off to fish and I was left to sew most of the day. Here they were leaving the cabin.

I got the rows of dad’s quilt put together but decided to change the plan a bit and didn’t bring any extra fabric so I didn’t get real far with this project.

There are actually 4 rows of blocks there but you can’t see the top row because it’s folded over the porch rail.  I got all the border blocks pieced.

That was as far as I could get on dad’s quilt. Vince and Chad caught a few fish but had a whale of a good time!  They went back fishing along the creek after dinner.  Chad never gets tired of fishing!


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    It’s always fun (I use the term loosely) to see what the accommodations are like. In the past we’ve had really good luck renting condos when we go on vacation. It’s a little nerve wracking until you get there and actually see what it’s like. Unfortunately, by then you’ve paid for it and can only hope it’s ‘as advertised’.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful week. A cabin in the woods by a river is as close as I want to get to camping.

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    The place looks wonderful. I love the scenic view you had! I imagine Chad was so happy being able to fish 24/7!!

    Your dad’s quilt is wonderful! I love the blocks, the colors, the sashings and borders – everything about it!

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    Looks like it was quite cozy and quaint there….very nice. Love the view of the water you had. The quilt is turning out very nice. Can’t wait for the report on the rest of the week.

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    Oh..also meant to say…the guy probably took the racks out of another cabin….then when the next person complains, he’ll go and take them out of “your” cabin….the same racks probably go back and forth all the time! As for the screens….not sure what they did with those. I’d be afraid of other critters getting inside in addition to bugs…so I’d have been a bit nervous about that issue!

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    Marla Southers says

    Ok, if it had been me, the only bug alive at this time of year in Arkansas would have found me, of that I am sure of!! Boy, could I tell some stories of bad places I have stayed in too. What memories you made though!

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    dawn says

    I agree. the only “roughing it” I could do is stay in that cabin. WITH SCREENS. ha ha sounds like you had a wonderful vacation though.
    vacations that you can relax are the best. sometimes when you plan one such as Disney, you run here, run there and when you get home need a vacation from your vacation.
    Hope you had a great time. Dad’s quilt is gorgeous.
    Dawn in MA

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    I think you’ll have trouble finding a way to manage cooking the whale, the oven rack will seem like a small problem compared to that. Oh, wait… they didn’t CATCH a whale… never mind. Enjoy, Judy!

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    A day on the river in a canoe… boy that sounds like paradise to me. Maybe DH and I can squeeze in a float trip soon.