Flannel Backing

A while back, I had mentioned that I might use a lightweight flannel for the backing on dad’s quilt.  I think someone sent me a link to some good quality extra wide flannel but now I can’t find that comment or email.

If any of you out there have ordered a good quality wide flannel or can even recommend a good quality flannel sheet that will hold up for a backing, I’d be real happy to hear about it.   Whatever I get will have to be mail ordered so I’d like to order something that others have used and recommend.



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    Linda J says

    I bought wide flannel from Hancocks-Paducah. However, I used it as the batting for a summer quilt instead of the back. It’s meant for quilt backing though. I washed it a couple of times before I used it to make sure I the shrinkage was minimal and to get red of flannel lint.
    Linda J in GA

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    Martha F in upstate NY says

    I bought from Fabric Depot also. I went to their store in Portland, OR. My son lives there so it’s a must stop when we visit him. Oh my what fun. So much fabric…. so little time with DH & DS waiting. But then I had to carry/pack all my purchases all the way back to upstate NY (via a visit to San Francisco). I use the flannel as a lightweight blanket on the beds in the summer. I just serge the edges, round the corners and voila! Definitely wash it first though. It will fill the lint filter!

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    Hi Judy,
    I just used Quilters Flannel for a backing for a wedding quilt. it’s only 41″ wide so I sewed 2 pieces together to get the width I needed. Most of the “tie dyed” looking flannel was quite thick so I know it’ll last a long time with wear. All the females in the family like a “warm” quilt so they have flannel or blanket backings.
    Good luck in your search…love your quilts, lessons, cooking and everyday sharing.