Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

A few things about this recipe:

  1. It makes 2 loaves.
  2. It is written for use with home ground wheat.  If you’re using storebought whole wheat flour, you may have to adjust the amount of water and you may not need the gluten and dough enhancer.
  3. It is written for use with the Bosch mixer.  If you’re using a Kitchen Aid, it will take longer to knead.  If you’re kneading by hand . . it’s going to take a while.

My favorite bread pans are these Norpro pans.  They’re more narrow than most bread pans and the slices fit better in my toaster.  I bought mine from Pleasant Hill Grain.  They also have the gluten, dough enhancer and plastic bags for storing the bread.

Ingredients for Bread:

2-1/2 c. very warm tap water
6 – 8 cups fresh ground whole wheat flour
1/4 c. olive oil
1/4 c. molasses
2 T. gluten
1 T. dough enhancer
2 T. SAF Yeast
1 T. Salt

  1. Pour water and half the flour into the mixer and mix on Speed 1 til barely mixed.
  2. Add the oil, molasses, gluten, dough enhancer and yeast.  Mix on Speed 1 til barely mixed.
  3. Add salt and enough flour to make dough the consistency needed.  I usually use barely 6 cups of flour.  The sides of the bowl should be clean when you’ve added enough flour.  The dough needs to be sticky!
  4. Knead on Speed 2 until the gluten has developed.  I usually check mine after 8 minutes of kneading. Here’s a link to help determine when the gluten has developed.  If you’ll oil your hands before working with the dough, it will help it not to stick to your hands.
  5. Oil your countertop and your hands.  Turn the dough out onto the countertop.  Divide in half.  Form into 2 loaves.  Place in greased pans.  Let rise til double in size . . anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the temperature in your kitchen.
  6. Bake at 350 for 35 – 30 minutes.

This is the bread I made yesterday.  See how the top domed portion kinda separted from the sides . . that little cracked area?  That’s because I didn’t let it rise long enough.  We needed it for lunch and I was in a hurry . . we had no bread in the house and were having sandwiches for lunch.

It tastes fine!  I had to slice it as soon as it came out of the oven because Vince was working in the yard and he was hungry and he wanted a sandwich 30 minutes ago!


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    Thanks for sharing this. I am going to try it today with boring ole store bought wheat flour. I did not know that little cracked area between the top and sides of the loaf was from not rising enough. I have had that in evey loaf I have ever baked!

    I hope you are out of your funk. But if you aren’t and still feel like cleaning, come on over to my house! I want to sew. 🙂

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    Oh my goodness! Just made Judy’s recipe for the Chicken Marbella. Wow is it good! Served over brown rice with a salad on the side. Thank you mam.

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    I just finished test tasting the first piece of bread. OMG!! It is so good. I love molasses and was surprised there is no molasses taste. I will make this again and again!!! Thanks Judy

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    Thanks for sharing your recipe. Have you ever used honey instead of molasses?? Just wondered if it would make a big difference. Where do you get the dough enhancer?


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    Bobbie says

    I was so in a hurry to have some homemade bread, that I went ahead, before I checked out your blog this a.m., and made 2 loafs of “Grandmother Bread” from “Chickens in the Road” Blog. Its very good–I didn’t have any wheat flour, so I’ll get some tomarrow and then make yours and My Husband will be one happy man. If I start in again making bread a lot, I’ll be weighing many pounds. Thanks, Bobbie

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    What do you use to grind your flour? I am thinking of getting an attachment for my KitchenAid stand mixer but I am looking for suggestions. ~ksp

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    Ann says

    Hi Judy,
    Thanks for sharing so much with all of us. I have made your whole wheat bread recipe several times and love it!. My questions is, can you freeze the dough to use at a latter time? With just the two of us at home its hard to consume both loaves, especially when we enjoy it best at its freshest. Thanks again. I appreciate all the information you share.