Bears in the Farmhouse Quilt-Along

The last step has just been mailed to the participants.  If you didn’t receive it, please send me an email.  We started with over 300 participants and ended up with a few over 150 so that’s a great turnout and I’m pleased that a few more than half stuck with it til the last step.

There are some amazing quilts being made; some with different colored sashings, some with bright backgrounds .. they’re gorgeous.  Check out the pictures.

In a week or so, I’ll add a link box to show all the completed tops.

Thanks again to all who participated.  It was fun to see the tops come together!


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    Bonnie T says

    Thank you Judy! I can’t wait to do this again with you!!! I’ve really enjoyed your Quilt Along. The directions were easy to follow and the timing just right.

    Thanks again!
    Sew There!

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    Deb says

    Well done everyone! Love the pictures. I dropped out early, couldnt find the time, but have the pieces cut and will wing it and FINISH IT! I am inspired. Might not be the last on either. I am hoping I will have better luck next time, but summer is coming, and it is always a zoo at our house, so who knows. I love to watch tho!

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    Thanks so much, Judy, for creating this quilt along!! I am ready to make this last step and pleased with the results already!! I just quilted up my Shine on Bayou from your quilt for an hour project and so many people have commented on it! I know that everyone will love the Bears quilt too!!

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    I just love this quilt and feel sorry I will not get it completed until after Easter, as I have a visitor from Florida tomorrow for 10 days, then away with my grandaughter for a week, followed by friends from California visiting. When I get England back to myself I will get the quilt finished.

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    Judy, thank you so much for this Quilt-Along. I have had so much fun making this quilt, and I found your instructions very clear and easy to understand. This one is *not* going to be a UFO — I’m going to stay right with it until it’s done and labelled and on the bed. Can’t wait! 🙂 Take care — Dianne B. in England

  6. 9


    I got only the first e-mail. I wish I could have gotten them all, but you know how life hits you in the face sometimes and other things demand your time! I had company at the time and thought I’d just print the steps to sew later… It didn’t work out for me. But I’ll try again because I love my Stash Project!!! Does it have another name???

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    Thank you, Judy, for a great pattern. It will be very exciting to see everyone’s finished quilt! Wow, 150 finishers — that took some organization and work on your part to get us the pattern steps via e-mail. Thanks again!

  8. 12


    Thank you, Judy, for hosting and facilitating the Quilt Along… what fun it was!.
    Without your gentle reminder-presence, and the encouragement of several women I now consider my friends as well, I’d not have finished this quilt and it would have gone into the UFO box.
    I’ve got the HSTs, the red and the stripes cut… all I need is for Friday to be here so I can get the top completed. I flip-flopped on every part of this quilt… first I loved it, then I hated it, then I loved it again! I still like it a lot.
    Bears in the Farmhouse will be quilted up and sent to my Dad (who is 93, and never wanted a quilt – he lives in Palm Springs, California… not much use for one down there). He saw the pictures on my blog and said this quilt was his – so it already has a home! That’s pretty cool.
    Thank you again – and I can’t wait for the next one!
    Cheers, all.

  9. 13

    becky r says

    Thanks for posting the pattern for sale. I’ve ordered the pattern (along with a few others) so I’ll be able to finish this one.

  10. 15

    Robin says

    Thanks so much! The pattern and steps were easy to follow along. I’m very happy with the look so far and can’t wait to finish though it may take a little longer now that I have to do quilting around a work schedule again!

  11. 16


    I’ve had lots of fun ‘quilting along’.. I was not sure that I could keep up, but you did good, Judy, keeping the steps far enough apart.

    Thanks for the challenge! I’ll do another with you!


  12. 18


    Can you believe I STILL haven’t finished my quilt! I have it all cut out and in a bag….yes, I will finish it…someday. :-/