Chickens Have Landed

They’re here!  They’re so cute! I could sit and hold them all day but Speck . . just what I was afraid of.  He licks his lips and tries to get to them.  Thank goodness for the baby gate because he can’t get down the stairs.  He doesn’t like them at all and I doubt that ever changes.  Even when we’re all upstairs, his little nose is constantly twitching.  He smells them, he can hear them downstairs and he wants them gone!

I wish I could spend more time with the baby chicks without Speck getting so upset.

For now, they’re in a Rubbermaid container in the downstairs kitchen.  We got 6 Red Sex Links and 4 Araucanas  (all pullets) because I love those colored eggs!

Here’s a you tube video of them.  Please excuse the dog barking in the background . . what can I say?


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    You did it! You GO GIRL! Woohoo! I am very excited for you, I know how much you’ve wanted the chickens!

    They’re so cute, I can’t wait to see the chicken coop! Better tell Vince to get cracking, they grow FAST! LOL

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    Linda (Petey) Fritchen says

    Oh, they are so cute! Makes me wish for some, too. I used to have bantams…the kind with feathers on their feet. I loved to hear that little guy crow and sound big. Their eggs were so small, you had to use 3 for a large egg. They were fun.
    Problem here watching your video…got two weiners very mad that Speck invaded their peace!

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    Lynne in Hawaii says

    They are so cute! They are gonna need a designer chicken coop, course! 🙂

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    Rose H says

    Oh, my goodness, Judy, now you are going to have be Mother Hen and keep the darling chicks warm. Thats lots of babies to care for. They are so cute, and the coloring of the darker ones is so unique–should be very neat when they are grown up and all of their color shows. Not surprising your dog is barking–he is protecting you from the monsters that have invaded your house!! You will be having lots of fresh eggs in a few months. The chicks are going to keep you entertained. Enjoy your little Easter chicks.
    Rose in MN

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    You will love your chickens! I am so excited you bought Araucanas. I had fun with them growing up – really liked the little banty hens.They make wonderful mothers and will lay on any egg you put under them. I am so glad that Vince is the one who took the first steps.. makes it much easier on you! Enjoy!

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    Oh my goodness!!! I am so happy for you!!!!! I cannot wait to read all the stories you will have to tell about your baby chicks. 🙂 heeheehee Glad you are the kinda girl who does what she wants!! That’s my kinda girl!!!

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    I am so glad you got to get your beloved chickens! I grew up with chickens as a big part of my life. I know you will really enjoy them!!

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    Very cute! But, while I was sitting here at the table with my laptop, watching your video, all was fine until Speck decided to bark. It brought my dog, Arlo running. He kept looking at the chicks with a very puzzled look everytime Speck barked. Can’t fool him. He KNEW those chickens weren’t the ones barking.

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    Oh!!! That video is fabulous for the cats … the first sound of the tweeting woke Slade up from a dead sleep in the other room … then when Speck started barking, Daniel came running in from the bedroom. Now Daniel’s running all over trying to find them chicks and scratching to patio doors.

    The chicks aren’t even mine, and I’m getting to enjoy them… haha!

    Have fun. Speck will adjust soon enough .. give him 48 hours and he’ll be protective of the little ones.

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    Marilyn says


    Glad you got your chicks………..they are so cute. In time I’m sure Speck will
    get used to them.


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    Deb says

    Congratulations! I hope they are everything you want them to be.
    Personally, with 3 dogs (2 are labs) and 2 cats, well, you think SPECK is bad…!
    I do have great mousers tho. The DOGS that is!
    Glad we can live vicariously through you!

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    That woke Daisy up! She’s sitting here by my chair whining!! LOL.

    They’re adorable, Judy! So what did ya name them?

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    Cindy Kuipers says

    My husband came home with 25 baby chicks today!! We have had chickens before, then he sells them and we don’t have any for a while. Then he gets more, and then he sells them. He says these will go to his folks when they are big enough. To bad they don’t give us eggs on a regular basis. Only when they have too many and can’t sell them.
    Good luck with yours. I love the colored eggs, too!! 🙂

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    Lizzy Hentze says

    I am now officially jealous. We had to get rid of our chooks when I had my new studio built and I really miss them – and I object to paying for eggs when I had them out my back door for about 10 years. Enjoy Judy, I know you will have fun. I just hope the chicken sexer did a good job and they’re not all roosters!!

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    Poor Speck — I feel so bad for him having to put up with animals in his house…how long before they live outside in a coop where they belong 🙂 ?

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    dawn says

    my dad used to count out 21 days before Easter and put some fertilized eggs in an incubator in the cellar. he would turn the eggs and on Easter morning we woke to the sound of little chickies hatching. We ran into the cellar before opening our Easter baskets! and we had Araucanas as well for the colored eggs. We also had bantams and guinea hens and quail. the quail eggs when my dad had quail last year were just the “right size” for my 6 yr old niece. she LOVES them!
    doing the happy dance for ya girlfriend. Now, to get the pen or tractor done and painted with the hens and chicks quilt block………….LOL
    have fun and enjoy those little balls of happiness.
    Dawn in MA

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    Diane says

    Those babies are the cutest. I also bought baby chicks without a place for them. I spent weeks talking about getting chicks, but we never got a place built. When I found out chicks were ready at the feed store earlier this month, I bought some knowing we would get the place built. Sure enough we now have what family calls G’ma’s Chicken Palace. We have Aruna, silver Wyandotte, Leghorn, Reds, Astralorpes. Just love it. lol

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    They’re adorable! When I was watching the video Hannes came tearing in here and began barking at the computer in response to Speck’s barking! Oh, my… “I hear you my doxie friend, I can sympathize”…

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    They are so cute – now you just need a new category “chickens” to track all you r post on them….

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    Bobbie says

    Judy-have you gave them their “No Pecking Me” and “Those are my Eggs” talk yet. They are never to young to hear it. I soooooooooo jealious, but found out the people around the corner has just put up a “Fresh Eggs For Sale” sign. We got 6 inches of snow yesterday and last night, so may be tomarrow or so when I go. I’m proud for you. Hugs, Bobbie

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    Linda says

    Chicks are so cute at that stage. I remember when I was a kid on the farm and Mom would get her chicks in the spring. I could sit out in the brooder house for the longest time just watching them in all their cuteness.
    Poor Speck, he’s just a little bit jealous. He’s used to being an only child.
    Guess what our Town Board did at their last meeting? They banned chickens!! Yes, they did!!! You can have chickens in New York City but not in a little town in Nebr. with 372 people!!! We live on the very edge of town & have 8 big lots & I had actually thought that maybe a dozen or so chickens would be nice……….fresh eggs, and then chicken soup when they got old enough to not lay good any more. I think I’ll have one of my Amish friends raise some fryers for me this year, they’re so much better than the ones from the store.

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    Ohhh, aren’t they cute! Makes me want to just hold and snuggle one!

    Tandi would be like Speck, thought–“Look! Stuffies that move!” That’s the way she felt about DD’s cats, too.

    They were not amused.

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    Rebecca says

    Cu-yoot!! I’m happy you got your chickens, and am looking forward to the colored eggs (’cause I know you’ll show us). How long do I have to wait?

    BTW, I think Vince deserves a “Good Husband” award. It should complement your “Good Wife” award, because you two go so well together, your awards should, too.