Exploring Our Area

The other day after dinner, Vince said “Let’s take a drive!”  Sounded good to me . . just so we don’t have to go shopping.  We drove out to the Four Rivers Conservation Area, about 12 miles from our little town.

It was so beautiful out there.  There’s almost 14,000 acres!  That’s a lot of land . . and a lot of water!

I thought this plaque was interesting . . mostly interesting that vandals haven’t ruined it.  There were quite a few plaques and monuments out there.

We passed this old farm that had been completely abandoned.  There were big brick pillars with a sign of what was the name of the farm but everything was in shambles.  Kinda sad.  Makes me wonder  . . Did the owners just get too old and give up because no one else in their family wanted to carry on?  Did they not make it financially?  It’s been abandoned for a while . . not a result of the current financial woes.  Maybe they sold the whole place to a developer and they made lots of money and the developer is waiting til the economy gets better to develop the land.  That’s a happy ending so I’ll just go with that one! 🙂


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    The urge to explore must be in the air. We spent Sunday and Monday doing just that here and saw a huge flock of sandhill cranes enroute to Alaska. Our drive took us to the other side of the nearby mountains, and we drove home through SNOW! There’ll be skiing well into April at Snoqualmie Pass this year, I think. So did the chicks arrive on schedule?

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    I hate to see abandoned farms also. Makes me sad to think that someone put their blood, sweat and tears into the land at one time, and now it sitting dormant and dead. But at the same time, it can be fun to day dream about what it may have once been.

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    I drive the US Hwy 71 corridor a lot visiting my daughter in Indep. MO. I, too, wonder about the families that lived on the rich farmland. The houses are in shambles, the barns are partially collapsed and trees are growing from the center of the silos. You can almost hear children laughing as they play hide and seek and the old dinner bell ringing. I hope they moved on to prosperity in another place.

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    dawn says

    I miss taking a drive. my Dad used to do that when we were kids. we would all get excited and go on a mystery ride. didnt know where we were going until we got there but it was always fun. sometimes just a new place for good ice cream, sometimes in a nearby state to see a quarry in action or the state fishery but always fun. My hubby has back issues so not into “lets go for a drive”. I miss my drives to fun places. Keep blogging about them so I can enjoy yours.

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    Maybe the story behind the abandoned farm is this: “they started out as chicken farmers… ” 😉

    I love, love, love mystery rides. Unfortunately my husband and I take precious few of those anymore. I think it’s time to do that again! Thanks for the reminder!

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    Oooh… abandoned farms… boy if you can find out who owns it, maybe it’s for sale! So much hard work already done for you.