Goodness . . I’ve been a chatterbox lately!  Earlier in the week when I said I was in a funk . . you know what I think it was?  Please don’t laugh . . promise . . no one is laughing?

Do you like to read?  Do you kinda feel lost when you finish a really good book and don’t have one all lined up to read next?

Since we live in a tiny little town, it isn’t surprising that we have a tiny little library.  I’m not complaining . . I love our town and our library but when there’s a book series, they may have #1, #4 and #6 and they rarely order new books.  There was three book series and they have #1 and #3.  I asked if they could get #2 . . about 18 months ago and they still don’t have it.

I love Debbie Macomber books.  I just recently fell in love with her books.  I bought, read and passed on to a friend 9 of the Cedar Cove series books.  Between what the library has and the ones I bought, I’ve read the Blossom Street series.  Right before we left to go to Arkansas, I found one hardback book with all of the Heart of Texas series.  I read the entire book while we were gone.

Monday I took it back to the library and found nothing I was real excited about.  It’s so hard to find a book when I don’t know what I’m looking for.  I ended up with a Stephanie Plum book.  I like her books ok but . . she’s not Debbie Macomber.

I think my “funk” was because of having finished such a great book and had nothing else to read.

But, what does that have to do with the Quiltathon?  I don’t have a clue!  Don’t forget there’s a Quiltathon coming up this weekend.  Get your cooking done; get your laundry done; get your dusting done; get the vacuum cleaner out and leave it in the middle of the floor.  It will look like you’re still cleaning!  If necessary, turn it on during your husband’s favorite TV show and he’ll be happy to send you back to your sewing room! 🙂  Don’t tell him I suggested that though, ok?


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    GREAT idea about the vacuum thing. LOL I feel that way after a good book, too. Luckily, Delaware has a great statewide book network and even from our teeny-tiny little local library, we can get anything that is at any library in the state and have it delivered to the local one for pick-up. Thank goodness…as it would be possible to go through all the decent books in the local one in a very short amount of time! One day I will do a quiltathon…but with my primary machine “sick” and off for repair, I doubt it will be THIS time, either. *sigh*

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    Love the vacuum idea!! But the thing is…… knowing my hubby…… he would run it then put it away while I wasn’t looking lol. I married a good little house-hubby!! He does laundry too!!! 😉

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    Elaine says

    Judy, I have lots of Debbie Macomber’s books. Let me know which ones you are in need of, I would be happy to send them off to you.


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    You made me think of when I get to travel to Door County Peninsula. That all seems very small town to me, and yet they have the most fantastic little public libraries in each little town. Great, current book selections.

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    I’m the same way about books. The last book I read was excellent and then I started a new one last weekend – Texel From Cuba – it’s so darned dull that I’d be happy if every character died. I don’t have any empathy for any of them. I’ve trudged through 3/4 of it but I might ahve to quilt. It’s killing my energy!

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    A. L. says

    I have read almost all of Debbie Macomber’s books. Love them!! I describe her books as “warm fuzzy” reading. Just makes the reader feel good.

    I recently purchased a book by her called “Midnight Sons” Volume 1
    It is a reprint of two books of hers called
    Brides for Brothers 1995
    The Marriage Risk 1995
    I don’t usually like to purchase reprints but I had not read these so it was okay. Sometimes I look at the new books and think it is “new” but now know to check the copywrite dates.

    I think I could read the whole book in an evening but I have managed to make it last more than one day!!!

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    dawn says

    love the vacuum idea. that just might work here. will have to try it out. thanks for the idea. usually if I think of something tricky like that it will backfire on me.

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    pdudgeon says

    well how about that!
    i have a Debbie Macomber book and never realized it–DUH!
    It’s ‘Small Town Christmas”. i got it this last Christmas–double DUH!
    guess what’s going on my reading table for tonight.

    and yes, i’m looking forward to this Quiltathon weekend.
    I’ll have blueberry pancakes and link sausage for breakfast. then I’m finally going to break out my “Beach House” from Moda, and sew up a storm–or a quilt–whichever comes first.

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    Kathy Roslasky says

    I love Debbie Macomber’s books, too. And just this week, I got an email from Barnes and Noble that she has a new book coming out on May 1, “Summer on Blossom Street”. As a knitter, you must like the Blossom Street series, too. I was so impressed with the books that I made Alex’s prayer shawl, too! (The directions were posted on Debbie’s web site.) I’m gearing up for the Quiltathon this weekend, too!

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    I totally get where you are coming from about being in a funk after a really good book. I get like that too. I love to read and get so wrapped up in the characters it’s like a friend moving away when it ends.

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    lori R says

    I have a couple of her books too. Do you have a goodwill or used book store around or garage sales? I’m a bargain hunter for books, hate paying $7 a pop.
    If you have a list, I’ll keep you in mind.
    I WANT to do a quilt a thon – just never ever can find the time 🙁 I may try to squeeze time in on Sunday. Yes make time this weekend, I can do it, I can, I can. I live down the street from NIKE I should be saying “JUST DO IT”

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    I love Debbie Macomber too! She’s from my neck of the woods so I am hoping to meet her at an author event some day. I love all those books you have read too. Have the tried the Dakota series? I really liked it! And her Manning series. I like to go to her website and see which books I haven’t read yet and get my hands on them.

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    Diana says

    I love Debbie Macomber books too. I live in Cedar Cove–actually Port Orchard, Washington. Debbie is part owner of the Good Yarn Shop that opened here last fall and our little town is hosting Cedar Cove Days–I think it is in August–and most of the motels, etc, although there are not many–are fully booked. We are not far from Seattle, so come and see us and visit.

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    You are hilarious Judy! The vacuum thing reminds me of a Hints from Heloise column I read years ago where a lady wrote that occasionally when she wanted her husband to take her out she would spray Lysol around just before her husband got home to make him think she had been cleaning all day, so he would suggest that they eat dinner out since she had worked so hard!! Very funny.

    I had originally planned to join in on the Quiltathon weekend but it looks like I am going to my brother and SIL’s house to see their new baby, #6! I’ll join in Sunday I hope.

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    Dorothy says

    As a librarian, I would like to recomend Emile Richards books, especially her Shenendoah Valley series, hint all have quilts in them. Love Earlene Fowler, Jennifer Chiaverini, starting on Nevada Barr and Tony Hillerman books too!

    Will be sewing this weekend, either local quilt shop BOM or hopefully testing a pattern from a Yahoo group. But, Saturday is my daughter’s birthday, so may not get much done then.