Would You Look At This?

It’s the “Good Wife Award”!  I knew I was entitled to that!  My good friend, Sheryl, made it for me . . not my husband who was floating down the White River fishing and taking in the scenery while I was swatting wasps, discussing my hot flashes with Bubba, spraying Lysol in the non-working air conditioner that smelled like dead fish and threatening to pack and leave . . only I didn’t have a vehicle.  But, thank you, Sheryl!

Now, I think I’m entitled to . . a million dollars!  Getting that Good Wife Award was pretty easy . . let’s see how the million dollar request goes.


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    Ummmm…when you find out where to get the million dollars, you WILL share the information with us, won’t you? (Because, after all, there are a LOT of us “good wives” here!)

  2. 6

    Pam says

    Did you send it to Vince? Bet he is sorry that he didn’t think of it first. Are we women just the greatest?
    Congratulations. You are the best-est.

  3. 7

    dawn says

    One good wife
    she got some chicks
    for she was loyal and nice

    Her hubby Vince
    he was a prince
    and gave her a million, is that right?

    I think that is how the fairytale went. LOL
    Dawn in MA