Apple Pie

Remember in the Fall when I was putting up all those apples and I put up some apple pie filling?  I had never done that and wasn’t sure how it would work but I’m convinced that was one of the best things I have ever done.  I’ll definitely do it again this Fall.  It is so simple to make an apple pie.

Unroll the pie crust (yes, I used a storebought pie crust!).  Sprinkle a little tapioca in the pie shell.

Open the jar, stir the filling, dump the filling in the pie shell.

Put the top crust on.  Feel just a bit sad that I used a storebought pie crust . . the feeling only lasted about 4 seconds.

Stick that rascal in the oven and let it bake.  Serve with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream . . yummmm!

Think how simple it is . . when you’re making a pie, you have to peel and core the apples, get out all the spices, might as well do a bushel of apples at one time and get it over with.  Last Fall, I put up 13 quarts so I figured we could have one apple pie per month with one jar to spare.  Maybe I’ll put up a few more next year but really, how many apple pies with ice cream can I eat before my jeans no longer zip?  I think I reached that point 2 months ago but . . who cares?  I love apple pie!


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    And with Blue Bell ice cream!!! Yummy. We don’t get Blue Bell here, but when we’re in Texas, we have Blue Bell ice cream every day. And the pineapple sherbet…mmmmm.

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    My mom puts up pie filling. I usually just dehydrate my apples, I love to snack on them and Jim doesn’t care for apple pie (but I do)!

    I’m curious… why do you add the tapioca?

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    deb dolce says

    I do a similar thing with apricot pie filling. But since i don’t cook the apricots, I just mix them as I would for the pie and then freeze it in a zip lock bag that I lay flat in the freezer (takes up less space). It works great. I add a bit more flour – you could use the tapioca. Enjoy!

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    That’s a long time to feel sad over pie crust. My crust is already in the pie pans in my freezer. 😉 Now I will have to get some out and make a blueberry pie. Hubby asked for pie a couple weeks ago and now I feel guilty about not making it. But oh how I wish I were going to make an apple pie instead……… pie with ice cream is my favorite! I better put go to the store for ice cream on my list for today!!!!

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    I’m a cheddar cheese apple pie kinda girl .. the ice cream makes it cold. yuck! 😉 Now ice cream in a dish on its own, not making my pie cold and soggy, is just fine.

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    Elaine says

    That pie looks really yummy! Not on my current weight loss program though. So have an extra piece for me!

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    Marla says

    I am not sure but think the tapioca is either for making the filling a little thicker or for keeping the bottom crust from getting soggy. I love apple pie too. Makes me think of my dad who used to work in an apple orchard after he retired from the railroad. He would sit in the evenings and peel an apple with his pocket knife and share it with me when I was little. My kitchen is decorated with an apple theme in his honor.

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    pdudgeon says

    oooh! yummy warm apple pie. delicious!!!
    you could also make apple cobbler next year, with all the extra apples canned this Fall.
    or you could even make applesauce in your pressure cooker and can that as well. (not that you’d need the extra work, but then you would have all the fixings for an applesauce cake for Christmas.)

    so will you be canning any other fruits this year???

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    Kathy says

    I looked but didn’t find the recipe for the canned pie filling, did you share it? Would you?? Thanks.