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Missouri is such a pretty state.  Do you think that every state is pretty in its own way?  I’ve only visited about half of our great states and as long as I’m not in the middle of a city, I’m happy just about anywhere I’ve been.  Of course, Louisiana rates right up there as #1 in my book.  But . . in the spirit of “bloom where you’re planted”, Missouri is pretty darned pretty!

Wednesday afternoon we drove about 20 minutes to Schell City.  According to Wikipedia, in 2000, there were 286 people living in Schell City, MO.  From what I saw, there must be about 10,000 cows per human there!  The Schell-Osage Conservation Area has 8,633 acres.

This is just one of the lakes out there.  This is also the area where Chad did most of his duck hunting.  And look who’s sitting out there right smack in the middle.  You might have to click on the picture to see it but it’s a duck or goose.

This “structure” was out there.

Can’t quite figure it out.  The top has been scorched; the middle has been scorched and the bottom has been scorched.  Weird, huh?

I’ve just finished reading Debbie Macomber‘s Heart of Texas series.  I love her books.  The main part of the town at Schell City reminded me of Bitter End in the books.  Anyone else read the Heart of Texas series?

There’s a church up at Schell City that I needed to find because I have to go up there next week and it’s real “off the beaten path” so Vince and I drove around til we found it so I’d know where to go.  Chad hangs out up there with one of his good friends but he’d never told me how to get there.  We found it.  We also found a few interesting sights.

These two little white calves had been playing for a few minutes.  They were so cute!  No, I don’t want a cow . . unless he’s in my freezer.

By the time we finished all our running around, had a gourmet meal at Taco Bell (one of my favorite places . . really!) and stopped at the grocery store, this is what greeted us as we turned back onto the street.

I love my town!


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    … and they didn’t get home until dark…

    That’s a goose, a Canada goose, posing for his photo op. Glad you’re having fun exploring! You can’t stray too far from home anymore, you have new babies to take care of!

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    There is NO traffic in your little town! That impresses the bejeebers out of me! Great pictures! The area where you bloomed is gorgeous!

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    Julianne says

    The scorched structure you saw was a hacking tower for baby eagles. Eagles were hatched some place else. Then placed in the tower and raised with as little human contact as order to attempt to release them into the wild. If I remember correctly the program was fairly succesful. Vandals set the tower on fire after the program was over.

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    Stop it Judy, you’re making me homesick! Although in all honesty I think central and northern Arkansas are a bit prettier, Missouri is home! You should do some driving around the southern part, from the west border over to the central. It’s truly gorgeous around there.

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    I LOVE Debbie Macomber. Have been reading her since early 1980’s. Since I work in a library, I pretty much get first dibs on any new books she comes out with. And then I buy a copy for myself! You should see my library at home!

    Judy, thank you so much for your blog! I love reading it each day. I’m a quilter and a knitter and I live in a small town outside Springfield, MO so pretty much everything you talk about I can relate to. I don’t however, enjoy cooking, and for that reason, my DH has done most of the family cooking for the past 36 years – even having spent 30 years in the Navy, he still cooked most of the time.

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    Canada Goose – we have a year round flock… Well I guess there are several flocks in my neck of the woods. I can’t wait for “chick-spotting” season. Babies of all varieties make me swoon!

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    I enjoy DM books also. Haven’t read the Texas ones yet; have you read the Dakota ones? We love exploring our state also and just spent a day tracking some sandhill cranes. Finally found ’em just as we were about to give up and go home! Love your baby chicks!

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    I read everything (yes, everything) Debbie Macomber writes. She makes you feel a part of the story – like it’s real.

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    I really like the pictures. Hacking towers, I didn’t recognize them! And the blue plastic tub is a nesting box for ducks. I think. Those chickens are gonna grow like weeds! Can’t wait for more pictures.