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Dang it . . I never can remember everything I want to say.  Here are some other answers to questions.

1.  The tomato paste in a tube – I use the Amore’ brand.  I find that some of the canned tomato pastes are kinda bitter but I don’t find that with the Amore’ brand.  And, how often do you need 1 or 2 Tablespoons of tomato paste?  Yes, the rest can of the can can be spooned into a resealable container . . but I find the tube so much better.  Per ounce, it isn’t inexpensive but when I consider how much tomato paste I waste when using the cans, I don’t mind paying for the tubes.  I just ordered a case of them from Amazon.  Amore’ also has a pesto paste in a tube that we love.  I could just sit and eat that stuff plain right out of the tube!

2.  File for gumbo – You can mail order that too but even our little grocery store carries it.  And, if you live where there’s a sassafras tree, file is just ground up sassafras leaves.  Make your own . . here’s some info on how to do it . . very easy and it just lasts forever!

Now you know everything I know about everything! 🙂


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    They are so much fun at this age, they will outgrow their tub pretty rapidly but an unused bathtub works well as an emergency container. You must remember to keep the drain plug down and sealed. Newspaper works for insulation on the ‘floor’ and you can hang the heat lamp over a clothes hanger on the shower rail.

    We have one elderly Ameraucana, she is a bearded lady too. I find them all to be quite amusing to watch even when they are grown up. Discovery of a bug or juicy worm is like watching shoppers at a big discount sale.

    Thank you for sharing the pictures!

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    Rebecca says

    Ah, if I knew everything you know about everything, I would use my EQ a lot more! 8^/