Questions Answered

I try to reply by email to questions asked in comments but when there’s a bunch of the same questions, I figure there’s a few out there who wondered but didn’t ask so I’ll answer some of them here.

1.  When I posted this picture:

I was asked what’s in the ziplock bags by the canned tomatoes.  That’s chicken broth.  I sometimes use it instead of water too.  When I smoke chickens, I’ll throw the leftovers – bones, skin, meat . . whatever is left on the chicken . . put it in the crock pot with plenty of water, celery, parsley, onion, bay leaves, black pepper . . whatever looks interesting.  I don’t add salt though.  That cooks all night or all day in the crock pot, then I let it cool, strain it and pour into deep pots and stick it in the fridge.  The fat all comes to the top and gets hard and I can scrape it off and dispose of it and save the broth.  The broth has just a little bit of a smokey flavor and is fantastic for adding to recipes.  I do the same thing with beef broth.  Since I’m in the process of cleaning out the freezer, I stuck some beef soup bones (not smoked) on to simmer this morning.  I didn’t use the crock pot because I need this broth this afternoon!   If I’m thinking ahead, I will add beef soup bones to the smoker and then simmer them in the crock pot and get a bit of smokey flavor in my broth.

2.  The tapioca in the bottom of the apple pie:

I sprinkle just a bit of minute tapioco in the bottom of fruit pie shells.  Seems as though the amount of liquid in fruit varies so much and the flour or cornstarch mixed into the pie filling sometimes isn’t enough to keep from having a runny pie.  The tapioca keeps from having that river of liquid you sometimes get with fruit pies.  Just a little bit will do.  I probably sprinkle 1/2 tsp. to 2 tsp., depending on the fruit.  I use more in strawberry/rhubarb pie than I use in apple or berry  pies.

3.  Since it’s Quiltathon weekend, I have a pot of pinto beans/sausage cooked for tomorrow; a pork roast for tonight in the oven, along with a beef roast for Sunday.  My kitchen smells so good! Blackberries are thawing for a cobbler . . most of my weekend cooking is done!



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    Rose H says

    Your beef and pork roasts look delicious. What is on top of the roasts–can’t tell in picture? Pan drippings look very yummy. Do you bake at a very low temp to keep roasts from drying out? I have only baked with a lid on the roaster but your roasts look so yummy! Since you are doing your roasts ahead of time, do you serve them cold in sandwiches or do you make another dish out of them? Sounds like a good idea to bake the two roasts at once to save electricity.
    Rose in MN

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    I have never seen the tomato paste in a tube — I assume that’s what that is. Of course, I don’t go looking around in the market too often. Anyway, that’s a good idea because I always have to toss the can of paste when I just need a dab.

    What time is dinner?

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    I’ll be there for dinner too, Sunday roast beef sounds great. Will take me that long to drive, plus there’s a quilt show in Cleveland that I’d just have to stop at on my way. 😉

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    Michelle Cyr says

    When I need only a small amount of tomato paste from a can, I measure out Tablespoon amounts onto a dish, freeze, place in a ziplock and have handy when I need to thicken a spaghetti sauce or need a Tablespoon for meatloaf or whatnot. Doesn’t go to waste this way.

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    pdudgeon says

    Judy you’re far ahead of me as far as the weekend cooking goes.
    thanks for reminding me about the apple jam and apple butter! i had forgotten that you made those last Fall as well as all the apple pie filling.

    You know that old saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind”? well that’s my story and i’m stickin’ to it, LOL.