Quiltathon Day 1 Progress

I finished Dad’s top.

It’s about 88″ x 104″, which makes it too big to use a flannel sheet for the backing.  The place I had bookmarked to get the flannel when I was ready was PM Quilting but when I finally figured out where I had wanted to order the fabric, this is what’s on the website: Pamela Darwin passed away on Friday, October 3, 2008.  They still have fabric listed and it’s marked down but they don’t respond to my emails so I guess I’m going to use regular cotton backing.  Maybe I can attach velcro to the top and then attach velcro to dad and then his quilt won’t fall off during the night.

I pieced the backing for Keaton’s quilt and have it loaded on the longarm to quilt . . maybe tomorrow.  I had planned to quilt on it tonight but Chad came home from work and went to bed and the longarm running would wake him up.  He probably needs the sleep.

Several times Vicky has sent me fabrics she no longer wants with the understanding that I’ll use it on donation quilts.  Remember the green & pink quilt I cut out to take with me to Arkansas?  I only managed to get two blocks done on it while I was in Arkansas but look how perfect this piece of fabric will be for the backing?

The backing is one Vicky sent.  Perfect!  I’m going to keep sewing on the block tonight.  I have 8 made and I need 35.  Wonder how many I can get done tonight??


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    Your dad’s quilt is awesome! Tell him if he doesn’t want it, I’ve got first dibs on it!! LOL. That fabric is a perfect backing for your green/pink quilt! I’m delighted that you found a use for it. It’s out of my stash and now it’s out of yours, too!! And someone will get a beautiful quilt. We’re all winners!

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    I agree with Vicky, your dad’s quilt is awesome! I’ll take second dibs on it. Can you just use some regular flannel on the back maybe? You know why you are getting some of Vicky’s stash, right? She needs room for the new stuff she is buying, lol.

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    Your Dad’s quilt is really beautiful! I can’t believe there isn’t any flannel backing available anywhere. You can get wide flannel yardage from Dharma. With some idye dyes you could custome dye it for your quilt.

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    The quilt is beautiful Judy. I didn’t post this earlier because I figured CJ would or that you already knew from reading CJ’s blog but just in case LL Bean flannel sheets make fantastic quilt backings. I use LL Bean flannel sheets for my bed sheets and the have held up beautiful over the years. When CJ mentioned it a few months back I immediately ordered two king size flat sheets to back two quilts I am working on.

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    Richelle says

    Love your Dad’s quilt! It is very sad that Pam Darwin passed away, she was a very special person. I knew her not through quilting but through genealogy. She was a master at it and full of lots of help.