Quiltathon – March Day 1

Everyone up and sewing?  Hope so.  I have all the borders on dad’s quilt except for the last one and I’m going to get that one on now.  Then I’ll cut the binding, though I ran out of the red I wanted to use so I’ll use another red.  Not sure what I’ll work on next . . maybe I’ll load the quilt I made for my niece’s son and quilt it.  Or, maybe I’ll work on the green & pink quilt I took with me to Arkansas and never worked on.  I’ll be working on something though.

I’ll make a link box this afternoon and you can report your progress there and then come back and add a second link tomorrow if you’d like . . that way, we won’t have two link boxes going on Sunday with the Stash Reports.

Have fun . . get lots done!


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    Well Judy, I’m on the way out the door to go sew. We are having a quilt walk in our neighboring town and I’ manning the QOV table. Yeaterday I pieced and completed a lap top of disappearing 9 patches. Today I will be doing pillowcases. The pillowcases I will take to MQS for delivery and the tops will go to Houston this fall. Have a wondeful day and enjoy your chicks ! Glenda

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    pdudgeon says

    we had a power outage last night so i didn’t get all my prep work done for today. That was when i really needed a third hand to hold the flashlight.
    will finish cutting up strips this morning, and then start sewing this afternoon.

  3. 3


    I’m up and moving. Waiting on a fresh pot of coffee to brew then I will be heading downstairs to work on my commission quilt backing. I am hoping to get it all pieced today.
    I’m praying real hard that my new foot pedal to my sewing machine that is on my quilt frame comes today that way I can get a practice quilt loaded and practice on that tomorrow. So cross your fingers and toes for me. 🙂

  4. 4

    Rachel says

    Well I don’t have a blog, but maybe I’ll put some pics in my flickr account this time. I am working on a pink, wonky stars quilt for my friend who just found out she has breast cancer. She goes in to have a mastectomy at the beginning of April, so I am hoping to have it done by then for her. It will be tight, but I plan on sewing all weekend!!


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    Jane is coming over in a bit and we’re going to go on an adventure. I sure hope “fabric” isn’t involved! LOL.

    I’ll be sewing this evening and all day tomorrow. I know I’ll be working on Bears for sure, but I’m going to also pull out either the Star BOM or the Quilt for an Hour – the Dimples. Both of those need to be finished up so I can put away all that extra fabric!! 🙂

  6. 6


    off to an early start, i’ve already got a couple of quilt backs finished and some binding done. i plan to make the rounds at lunch time to see what everyone else has been up to!

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    Bobbie says

    A couple of receiveing blankets, then for my Secret Pal in my quilt club, a sunflower fabric apron and 2 new-“way cool” sunflower round potholders I found the pattern for on another blog. Then backbasting a couple of Baltimore Christmas blocks and hoping to get some of the applique done on them. First off-I need to go get my shower-right now-Have fun everyone. Hugs, Bobbie

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    It’s 8:30 in CA and I’m up. I actually started last night by getting the flying geese border on my Old Tobacco Road quilt. I’m going to get the last border on this morning and then I’ll see where I go from there. But I will be quilting “something” all weekend.

  9. 9


    It is the last day of the Tri-City Quilt Show so that’s where I’ll be this afternoon. It’ is an hours drive from my house, so today I slept in a little. I have been continuing the work on the Duplicate “Bouquet of Flowers” that my Quilt Buddy and I have designed. I have over 50 blocks made so far. You can see some of the pretty quilts from the pictures I took yesterday at the Show on my BLOG.

  10. 11


    I am very busy with my 1930 blocks. 2 are already finished and the third is cut, so that I can work on that one next.

  11. 12

    Tricia says

    It’s noon and I’ve been “quilting” for 3 hours…actually, no sewing but much prep-work-ironing and pinning galore!
    I’m taking a lunch break and hopefully will sew a little and maybe pull some fabric for a new quilt and then maybe iron some more…
    Hope you all are having fun!

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    pdudgeon says

    ok, the most important thing of the day—
    i made pizza dough and IT ROZE JUST FINE!
    so we’re having 3 cheese pizza with homemade crust tonight and it looks yummy!

    oh and i did get the rest of the prep work done and one star block made. got some more ironing to do later tonight for the rest of the blocks. hope to get 15 made tomorrow, and a finished top by next wekend.