Spring Cleaning

As of last Sunday, the pampas grass is officially gone!  Good thing we got that done because this weekend, the weather is definitely not cooperating.

I’m still not sure what to do with this little spot.  The original plan was to plant herbs in the bed where the pampas grass was.  But we were thinking about digging up the whole area between the sidewalk and the house and plant a kitchen garden there.  But, it’s about 12′ between the house and the sidewalk and that area is about 30 – 35′ long.  If I just plant the herbs, I can put chicken wire or something up.  The deer won’t jump that because it’s too close to the house.  If we do the whole thing, they will jump into a 12′ area.  Do I want a 10′ fence right there?  Probably not.

The sidewalk is a pain in the behind.  It goes all the way around the house.  As much as I hate pampas grass, it surely looks naked back there with it gone.  I want Vince to put lattice put up under the deck.  No one ever sees back here anyway  .. guess I should concentrate on the front of the house and my garden and not worry about what the back of the house looks like.

This time of  year, the yard is so ugly.  The grass weeds are splotchy but soon they’ll all be green.  Vince did cut the grass Sunday afternoon after this photo was taken.  It’s still ugly though . . brown splotchy is worse than plain brown!  Even today, it looks so much greener than it did Sunday.


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    Chris says

    I had wanted my DH to put the lattice under our deck also. He finally decided to do the side facing the road because we store our kayaks mounted under the deck. It is a dreary day here in South Jersey too. But, the forsythia is starting to bud out and the gold finches are turning yellow.

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    What direction is the back of the house facing? I’d landscape that area, it could be beautiful and with the neutral color of your house, you could fill it with color.

    Then I would fill up the back yard with 4’x8′ raised beds. You’ve got plenty of space to grow enough flowers, herbs and veggies for you AND the wildlife… leave the fence out. 🙂

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    It’s a large area to have to worry about, isn’t it? I’d say if the weeds get nice and green, stay with the weeds and only do an herb garden close enough to fence it with the chicken wire and let it go at that. Maybe when the chicken coop is up, you could do a little bit of planting around that for some color, though.

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    We just got our zebra grass cut back too – what a chore that is. I’m hoping for a kitchen garden this year – herbs, a couple of tomatoes, a little lettuce. We’ll see far how my husband gets on his honey-do list. blessings, marlene

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    Judy, I noticed the clothesline in your backyard. My grandparents have a clothesline in their backyard. We’d stay with them during the summer and I loved the way the clothes smelled when they were dried in the sun. Now I have something else to add to my dream house list. 🙂