Who Invited You?

Mr. Winter . . you’ve crashed our spring and I don’t think anyone is happy about your uninvited presence!  Doesn’t this look like January or December?  Last Saturday we were out working in the yard in short sleeves  . . not today.  We can hardly persuade Speck to go outside.  Heck . . forget that “we” stuff . . Vince can hardly get Speck outside.  Judy hasn’t been outside all day!

I heard the Kansas City airport completely shut down around 2 p.m. because they couldn’t keep up with the snow clearing and de-icing.  Chad said a customer came in and said there was over 2 feet of snow north of us.  It’s coming down really heavy . . big, fat, wet flakes . . now (7:14 p.m.)  but these pictures were taken around 4 p.m.  We my end up with 4+ inches before it’s all done.  Surely this is the last of the snow for this season.

And, our low tonight is going to be 26 but it will feel like 11.  Doesn’t sound much like spring, does it?  Where’s global warming when you need it?


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    Judy, I hope that stuff bypasses us. Right now it’s drizzling but we’re supposed to get some snow later tonight. One of our daughters lives about 20 miles west of KC and she said it’s a mess there. Most of my plants have started to sprout – everything looked so pretty yesterday. Oh well, at least it won’t stay on the ground too long.

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    We are checking the local weather on a regular basis. Possible bad weather, including tornado watch, in our area. We are in NW Georgia! The pictures are beautiful. We barely got a sprinkling of snow this year. Sue Lord

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    One good thing about spring snow is that it doesn’t stay long. We usually get 6″ of snow here when the fruit trees are all blooming. They are almost finished, so I hope we don’t get that snow.

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    Just a tad too warm by us. We had a chance of snow and it was supposed to go down to 28 last night, but 37 is as cold as it got thankfully.

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    Evelyn says

    Sounds like typical weather for my neck of the woods, we would probably even say it was balmy, but I understand that for you – this is probably not typical. My friend down the road doesn’t get her baby chicks until… June. I hope the sun comes back out for you soon. Cheers! Evelyn

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    I’m telling you…Spring cannot get here soon enough. This morning when I took the dog out it was cold. Really cold. I just sighed and came back in the house.
    I needs me some green Mother Nature!!!!!

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    We had just a dusting of snow this morning. Our weather here is definitely on the fritz! This has been the craziest winter in all the 32 years we’ve lived in this area.

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    Oh yes, ol’ man winter hasn’t left us yet. we only received an inch of snow, but it is just a reminder that spring does not arrive up here in Michigan until after Mother’s Day! My youngest son had been down in the basement for several hours, when he finally came upstairs, to eat of course, he was shocked to see the snow! I think all of us were shocked!