Wine, Anyone?

When is it ok to drink wine before noon?

A little background . . Chad is trying to apply for some kind of work/study program and the FAFSA forms have to be filled out.  OMG!  They want to know way more info that I know about everything I don’t deal with (finances!) so Vince had to get involved in filling it out.  I’m downstairs trying to sew; Vince is upstairs and keeps hollering down and asking me questions.  I turn off the machine, go upstairs and sit and help . . that’s the least I can do.  Got the forms finished and I came back downstairs to sew.

The mail man came.  He rang the doorbell so I knew it had to be something good.  He brought me a box of herbs from a very nice blog reader.  I opened them, oohed and ahhhed over them, came back downstairs without looking at any other mail.

Do you panic when you get something from the IRS?  I do!  It isn’t that I do anything criminal (I hope); it’s just that I’ve heard few good stories and many horror stories from people dealing with the IRS.  It doesn’t help that we sent all our info to the CPA, he did our taxes, filed electronically and later, as we were looking at them, Vince said “You had a BIG loss with your business!”  (Quilting, teaching, book sales, etc.)  No, I did NOT!  Vince called the CPA and he somehow saw my expenses but didn’t see my income!  Tell me how (1) you can look at a spreadsheet and see the “Expense” page and not see the “Income” page right next to it and (2) how can you put down a ton of expenses and zero income and not think . . hmmm, this might not be right?   So, we had to file an amended return and since we owe a chunk, we’re holding off til closer to the deadline to send that in.

So today . . the mail man brings this:

Well, the mail man didn’t actually bring the wine . . just the IRS letter that caused me to make good on my thoughts to CJ that I might need a drink this morning.  The IRS seems to think they owe us money. Nope, folks, we owe you money . . do not give us money because you’ll just take it back when you get the amended returns!

Next week, Vince will take the IRS letter and go visit the CPA again.  I’ll get a few more gray hairs worrying about it all.

But for now . . I’m going back to sew . . as soon as I finish my wine! 🙂


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    Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere.

    As an accountant, I am very sorry to hear about the goof. At least you cought it before the 15th deadline so you will not have any interest etc tacked on. And make sure you mail (return receipt requested) the amended return with the IRS letter attached. Otherwise, you might have one branch office sending you money and another one demanding more info and money.


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    Judy, I’m surprised your accountant didn’t supply you with a form already filled out with the info you need to file the FAFSA. We hate doing it, even with the pre filled form, it’s a major pain. Especially since it hasn’t helped in getting any kind of assistance. We only need to fill it out two more times and we will have a “happy dance”.

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    dawn says

    wine. what wine? we had wine Vince??? LOL
    good luck with your IRS woes. funny how they get to charge interest but if they owe YOU, you just get the amount.

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    In a former life I was a high school counselor. I know plenty of people who needed a glass of wine while filling out FAFSA forms. 🙂 blessings, marlene

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    Did our FAFSA. I dread them every year. 4 years for oldest DD, 2 years for DS and now just did year 4 for dd#2 and have 1 more year to go! I know at her college, work study programs were hard to come by this year. She was blessed with working for the baseball coach doing office stuff. Some of the kids had to get off campus jobs so she is thankful to have it.

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    Wine is to be consumed at any time of day or night when one gets a letter from the IRS! Imbib away my friend!

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    I think I’d begin looking for a new CPA/accountant. My aunt and her sisters began their “liquid lunches” at 10:00 on the weekend. It’s Saturday. Go for the wine!

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    Linda says

    FAFSA forms = wine
    IRS letter = wine
    Annual State library report = wine
    ANY stressful paperwork incident = wine

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    Cheryl L says

    Those FAFSA forms are a nightmare, but, if one intends to apply for any sort of financial aid (loans, scholarships, etc.) it’s something that has to be done EVERY year. I’m so glad we’re done with the college years. Eight years of FAFSA is way more than enough. I looked at it as some sort of beaurocratic (I don’t think that’s spelled correctly, but I’m too lazy to look it up) red tape invented just to drive parents of college students crazy (as if we needed any help!)

    All that said, I feel your pain. Pour yourself another glass of wine!

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    We had one of those “life experiences” with the IRS about 20 years ago when the agents were determined to prove every taxpayer was a cheat….I still have nightmares over it….that is one government entity that I wish did not exist. Have a whole bottle of wine, find a new CPA, and enjoy the weekend.

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    I too agree. Its 5 o’clock somewheres! Perhaps the mail carriers SHOULD deliver wine with that sort of mail, and for that have an extra day off! *smile*