Day 2 Quiltathon Report

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I got more blocks made on the green and pink quilt.  I think I have a total of 28 made now and I need 35.  The borders are all made already so I should be able to finish the top tomorrow.

I never did get started quilting on Keaton’s top, even though it’s loaded on the machine and won’t take an hour to quilt.

Chad worked all day so when he came home for lunch, I sat and talked with him; a blog reader had sent me a box of herbs and my bed isn’t ready yet so I planted them in pots til I can get them in the ground; spent too much time holding and petting the baby chickens . . they’re so cute; after dinner Vince decided he wanted a cake . . didn’t I just make him a blackberry cobbler?  So, I made a cake — yellow cake with buttercream icing.  Just what we needed.

The April Quiltathon will be April 18 & 19.  Start making plans to play along with us.


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    My Quiltathon Weekend was a bust this time. We just had too much going on in the family and I wasn’t in the mood. I finished my Stash Project quilt on Friday. I bought backing today, pieced it, and dropped the top off at an lqs that my favorite local longarm quilter picks up at. It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had a quilt professionally quilted, but I’m keeping this one and I’m hoping that treating myself will improve my mood. Thanks again for the pattern!

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    Tricia says

    Well, after a long weekend of quilting I sure am beat! Before I collapsed though, I managed to finish all of my log-cabin blocks-pressed and ready to be sewn together. Hurray-tomorrow I will have another finished quilt top!
    Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!

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    Spend all the time you want playing and holding the little chicks .. they’ll be grown in a few weeks and won’t want to play with humans anymore. (Not that I know a darn thing about chicks, but that’s my guess anyway).

    I’m so glad you are out of your quilting funk. I’m taking today as my other day of quiltathon, since I only managed a few hours yesterday. Will email you pics later.

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    Bobbie says

    I think I was almost” a gonner” yesterday-this penumiona was pretty bad .(I think thats what it is) But I did a little hand sewing, watched basketball and PBR (Bull riders) on T.V. My husband-Holly watched with me-hes the one I caught the crud from-We had a bacon and egg sandwich for lunch and a bowl of cereal for supper. Did pick up my knitting for a while–thats it for my sewing like a wild woman yesterday. Todays another day-we’ll see. Hugs, Bobbie