Snip, Snip

Having nice, sharp scissors and cutters is so important for sewing.  Vince and Chad are really good about not touching my sewing scissors.  My favorite scissors through the years has been Gingher Scissors.  I’m not even sure how many pairs I have or why I have so many but my favorite pair is a pair I never use.

These were scissors I gave to my grandmother at least 20 years ago.  When she passed away or quit sewing, mom gave the scissors back to me.  I keep the box and the scissors in my sewing drawer but I don’t use them at all.  Don’t know why . . I just feel like I should save them since they were my grandma’s.  I wonder what she cut with them.  I can tell that she used them, but probably not much.

Did you know that you can send your Gingher scissors back to be sharpened and repaired?  Info is here.  It’s $7.50 and that includes return shipping to you.  It’s been years since I sent any back but they are returned just like new!

There are lots of brands of scissors and I’m sure many are partial to other brands for me, it’s Ginghers!


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    My favorite snippers are Ginghers too. I don’t have a big pair of scissors like that, but I may just have to get me some. They are especially useful for garment making, and I’m going to get back into that soon.

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    I love my Ginghers. And thank you for posting the sharpening info. I have two pairs of applique scissors that could use a good sharpening!

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    peggy says

    I have a pair of Ginghers that belonged to my mom. They are a mess! I’m definitely sending them back. I’m kind of a nut when it comes to scissors. I have many pairs. Don’t know why. I also love my Horn and my Henckel scissors, as well as my various sizes of Ginghers. I do love the little snippers. So good to wear around my neck. I’m a nurse and can’t bear to toss the disposal scissors in some surgical trays, so I’ve got dozens of those sharp, little pointy ones. When they’re dull, then I toss them. What a weird obsession!

    I used to be that way about flashlights. I’m not sure is weirder.

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    julie says

    I loved my gingher…it was so sharp and smooth…
    yes I talk in past tense here….
    It went missing, I prayed that it was safe where ever it was..
    and then I found it….
    my 21 year old son had used it to cut his guitar wires.
    So I am in mourning, but Easter seems like a
    good holiday to give your mother a new scissors…doesn’t it???

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    Never had a pair of Ginghers – nor did my mom. Probably because too many times one of us kids would abscond the “sewing scissors” and dull them.

    I did get a special pair of sewing scissors back in 2002 for my birthday. They’re for left-handed people and I’m the only lefty in my family. Also, they came with a death threat. Use them for non-fabric purposes and die! 😀

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    Susan says

    It’s because if you used them and something went tragically wrong, you’d never forgive yourself. Maverick inherited his grandmother’s china more than a decade ago and it has never left the cabinet. We aren’t allowed to use it. I inherrited my grandmother’s knitting needles and I have yet to pick them up. Though I suspect that has more to do with the fact that I haven’t done ANYTHING in a while and won’t until August. Is it August yet?


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    Judy, I have two pair of my Mothers scissors. She did not sew but she used them at work. I treasure them. She had vary arthritic hands, it must have been very painful for. She encouraged and praised my sewing. I have a mixture of feelings when I hold them, it is sad yet warm and fuzzy. Sounds crazy I guess. But hey that is me! Sue

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    Nancy W. says

    I have a pair that my mother gave me and I have hers and they are still in the box…she used them but would always put them back in the box when she was done and like you I can’t bring myself to use them.

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    Jackie says

    I have a pair just like them – they are so sharp! They were acquired in the days before I knew about rotary cutting and most pieces were cut by hand. Those scissors cut through fabric like it was butter. All my “used” scissors are Ginghers except the one I use to cut paper.
    BTW – love your web site. I have been sharing the chicken updates with family – our new batch of 30 (we get them every spring) are supposed to get here the week before easter – we always take them to Children’s church and share about new life – most of them have never seen live chickens!

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    Rose H says

    Guess we are all alike when it come to scissors. I received a retirement gift in 2002– a pair of the larger Ginghers decorated in the animal skin motif along with the matching smaller Gingher scissors. They are beautiful–my friend had to special order them as they were not an local in-stock item. For some reason (like so many others) I have never used them. I have several pair of Fiskars and some no-name brands that I use all of the time. I think I am going to have to bring out the scissors and begin to use them now before they acquire antique status. No point in saving them any longer–they won’t get broken in my quilting stuff.
    Saw on-line where a woman had secured her fine sewing scissors together with a padlock to keep her family from using the scissors. Pretty drastic measure but at least her scissors were not used for paper, wire, etc.
    Rose in MN

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    Cindy says

    I have several different sizes of small Ginghers. I am going to buy a pair of Dovo scissors when I go to Indiana in a couple of weeks.

    I’ve heard they are really good too.

    Most of my stuff is so small, I rarely grab the big scissors. I have some razor sharp Fiskars with the ergonomic handles that I really like.

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    Becky says

    Judy, Thanks so much for the information about sending my Gingers back for repair. I never knew that. A few years ago I had to throw a pair away that I had completely worn out! I dropped them and warped the blades really badly. I got a new pair for Christmas this year. Whoopie do! I love them, too!

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    Yes, we sure do have a thing about scissors. Just yesterday I read a blog and saw a photo of one quilter’s collection of 47 scissors. But that doesn’t beat the story I heard of one woman’s collection. When she died the family found a bed under the boxes of fabric in the spare room and 57 scissors in all. I wonder what her favorite brand was.
    As for me, I rarely use them. I like my rotary cutter (I think this explains why I don’t applique.) I spose if I totaled all types of scissors in my house it might be almost 20. No Ginghers though.