Stash Report Week 13

Still nothing added for me.  I’ve used 148.50 yards.

Care to share your stash report?  Guess this is our last report for March. 2009 is 1/4 over.  Have you used 1/4 as much fabric as you wanted to use this year?  If not . .  you still have time to make up for lost time.  By the end of April, I will be posting my Paducah report.  Anyone think I can to go Paducah and control myself??


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    Yeah, I’ve used 1/4 as much as I want to use this year. Unfortunately, I’ve purchased more than I’ve used. I won’t bet the farm on you coming home with no new stash in Paducah! I think Paducah week shouldn’t even count in the stash report!

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    I’m so deep in the hole I may or may not reach my goal for the year, but I sure am having fun! Besides, my stash is small enough that maybe expanding it is a good thing!

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    I didn’t buy a single piece of fabric when I was in Houston so I think I’d be able to resist fabric IF I went to Paducah. Happy to be stash busting 🙂

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    I am using more of my older fabric and getting more sewing in. So that’s good. Replacing the fabric with fresh stuff is a good thing if it is also refreshing the mind.

    My stashbusting goals included more than just using fabric. I wanted to organize my fabrics, get a handle on the projects in progress and sew more. Hey, those goals have been met. I am happy about that.

    Meeting the fabric use goal will come later…..

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    peggy says

    Judy, With all the fabric you’ve used this year, you must be able to see a difference in the size of your stash. I bought a bunch in Jan. and Feb., but it was because my friend’s quilt store was closing :(. There was a lot of fabric that wanted to come to my home. I DID reorganize my sewing room and found I have an enough fabric to make many quilt tops. I’m even encouraging my neighbor who is an occasional quilter to raid my stash for baby quilts for her two expected grandbabies. I found it was sad to let even the small amount she took go away.

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    Although I haven’t finished that many tops so far this year, I think I’m doing really good at not buying. There have been many times I’ve been tempted but I’m learning to shop my stash more and to think outside the box more. Thanks for the challenges and inspiration!

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    Bobbie says

    I can’t and don’t want to be in the stash busting reports, even tho I am mostly using my stash. My fabric is from here to yon and I could never ever get it measured-my new goes right along beside the stash -MY SEWING ROOM IS ONE BIG MESS!!! And besides, I’m sure I have pneumonia. Even tho, I did sew a lot yesterday-got the pot holders done and the prep on the applique mostly done–today is the apron and start sewing the “Take Five” top. Crawling to the sewing room. Bobbie

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    Good luck at the show. But you have used a lot of fabric and I’m sure that whatever you buy, you will be using up in no time. I don’t know what you goal is but according to my calculations you use about 50 yards per month. Keep that up and it will be 600 yards for the year. I would be lucky to use 100 yards for the whole year.

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    Oh dear. I’m afraid I’ve add a whole bunch of yards this year and have used very little. I am starting to cut for a couple of projects, including one class I’m teaching and one class I’m taking at MQX, so hopefully, I’ll have two finished quilts out of the deal. Of course, I had to buy more fabric than I needed, just to make sure I had the right color combinations! 😉

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    Denise says

    I didn’t really have a projection as to how much I wanted to use so can’t necessarily say I’m on track but I have pulled a lot of tops out of the stash that are now completed quilts so I consider that good progress. Judy – I just quilted this weekend the top I made from your book while we were at the cabin last year. No photo posted yet tho – need to finish the binding tonight. 🙂

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    Susan ~ Patchkat says

    I finished 2 quilt tops after I posted my original stashreport for the week (which involved a few more yards for sashing, binding and backings)…so I added a link to my new report. I posted the same link for my Quiltathon report too 🙂 They’re all connected.

    Am I on track? NO, I need to use another 100 or more yards before 2009 ends. I was hoping for 150-200 yds this year. I know that’s a do-able total. Maybe now that Bonnet Girls isn’t hanging over my head, I can get more charity quilt tops made and actually quilt a few little ones of my own! What a concept!

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    I didn’t get a report done this week but I’m still making good progress — I’m piecing more this year which is helping me use up more yardage. Good luck in Paducah – I have a hard time resisting fat quarter bundles when I go to quilt shows.