Chicks’ New Home

Vince brought home a big box and worked for the longest time getting the baby chicks’ new home ready. They have grown so fast and the Rubbermaid container was getting a bit cramped. The box was way too tall so Vince cut it down and it is thick cardboard and cutting it wasn’t easy. We lined it with newspaper and then loaded it up with wood shavings. The chicks were thrilled with their new quarters . . they kept flying around and running like crazy. The wings are beginning to work but the brakes may not be working so well. They usually stop by running into something or each other.

They’re now in the downstairs garage and it’s a bit cooler in there so Vince turned up the downstairs heat. You know what happens to downstairs heat . . it rises upstairs so tonight may be a battle of the thermostats.

Here’s a little video clip for you viewing pleasure (please excuse my motherly instincts to say a bad word when one of them ran into the water jar).


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    Yup……your starting to see how fast chickens can be………….they will get better with the stopping thing………..just wait until they are a bit bigger and then they really get fast and can turn corners on a dime…..with practice though, you will learn how to catch them.

    Karen L

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    Marilyn says

    Judy – that was just too cute! They are getting much bigger..but it appears they have enough room. How soon do you have to have the coop ready?

    We are gone too long in the summer to have chicks..or even grow vegetables. 110-120 degrees is not good for anything..even living in your home!

    You are looking for spring, we already have the AC on. Dreading the summer. We can’t wait for November!



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    its so much fun to watch the babies! If they spend all their time next to the walls, it may be too warm and they are trying to get away from the heatlamp. Have you got a thermometer under the light on the floor of the chick pen?? I used to raise all sorts of things, the worst was turkeys. I thought I was killing them–they would just get limp and their wings kinda hung out, and they fell forward onto their faces. Found out that’s how turkeys fell asleep! ROFL Ducks were fun too!

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    OH Judy just adorable! Best of luck with them…keep the videos coming they are enjoyable..I too would say I would be watching them all day and get nothing done!

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    Cute little chickies….my dog can’t figure out what the heck is going on when little chicken peeps come from my speakers here!

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    Love the gasp! LOL

    They do grow fast. I hope the weather straightens up so Vince can get that coop built! If not, just turn Chad’s old bedroom into a coop. :)~~

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    This is such a cute little video. My dog didn’t take any notice, but my 7-year-old daughter did! Now she wants me to get her some chickens! Wish we could, but no-no-no says the HOA. 🙁

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    Good for you keeping your chicks happy!! You know what they say….happy chicks make for happy chickens, laying tons of yummy eggs! 🙂

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    I got a refrigerator box once to keep chickens in. Laid it on it’s side, cut a hole where I could put in a heatlamp and could reach the food. It gave the chicks enough running room until it was warm enough to put them outside.