Cast Iron Pots

Some have noticed that I use cast iron pots on my smooth top stove.  If you’ve read your book, it says not to do that.  The first year we were in Kentucky, I followed the rules and didn’t use cast iron.  Then I decided I wanted a new stove because ours had a raised edge and really big pots didn’t fit flat.  I figured . . what better way to ruin my stove than to use the cast iron pots!  If the stove just accidentally got ruined, then I would get a new stove.  So I began using the cast iron and for 8 years . . nothing happened!  I’ve done it over 2 years here and so far . . things are fine.  I love having the ease of cleaning with the smooth top but I also love my iron pots.  I’m not telling you it’s ok to do it, but I do it.  If you use cast iron on a smooth top and it cracks or ruins, I am not responsible!  It my own stove gets ruined, I am not responsible.


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    Robin says

    I always wondered about using them on smooth top stoves. I had a smooth top at my previous home and wanted to get some cast iron pans but was afraid to. Now at the house we have now it’s an old stove and I just hate cleaning those drip pans . Still haven’t bought my cast iron pans yet but one of these days I will. You know somethings just cook better in a cast iron pan!

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    I used to use cast iron……….but they are to heavy for me to pick up, so I went to lighter weight kettles. I think the problem with the glass top ranges is the “sliding” of the kettle across the surface that causes the damage. Why is it when you are trying to wreck something, it never does…….25 years ago I had a Corning top………….that thing was so slow……….I mean really really slow, I tried to wreck it and finally I went and bought a new one.

    Karen L

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    I think the problem is the heat build up when used for a long period of time. I was also told not to can on the glass top as the heat build up would break the glass top. I don’t use my cast iron very much as they are so heavy and I have rheumatoid arthritis.

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    I’ve used cast iron on my glass tops for years, never had any problem. Clayware is my favorite type pot/pan, but we also use a lot of cast iron. I also can on my glass top and haven’t ever had a problem there either, but I use 2 smaller All American canners… it’s the weight that is the issue, not the heat.

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    Cindy B says

    I got a Maytag gray smooth top (I’ll never buy another Maytag, the company would not replace the top when it showed black marks around the burners, said it was ‘normal’, UGLY is what I call it) Anyway I thought the same thing you did, I won’t baby this thing and maybe it will break. I’ve used every type of pot and skillet on it and although it’s still UGLY it hasn’t broke yet. When we sell the house I’ll replace the thing but it won’t be a Maytag.

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    I will never buy another glass top stove! I am going into the cupboard and getting out my cast iron that I miss so much and I’m going to use it just like I used to! That darn stove will probably last forever but if it breaks I sure hope I can get a convection oven with the new normal burner regular stove.

    Yeah for cast iron!!!

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    I agree that nothing cooks as well as cast iron and mine have been packed away because of the smooth cooktop. However, I think it’s time they came out of storage.

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    Evelyn says

    I love, love, love cast iron (even though they are heavy!). An extra side benefit of cooking with cast iron – some of that iron actually leaches into your food so you get a health benefit too (exactly why I don’t use those plastic coated non-stick pans…). Plus – I like browning on the stove top and then popping into the oven all in the same pan. How convenient. Cheers! Evelyn

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    I don’t have a glass top, but I have the cast iron – love the stuff and I am slowly getting rid of the non-stick stuff as it starts to go bad. I was thinking about getting a glass top when I eventually remodel the kitchen, but this is something to reconsider.

    My mom told me that when she came to America as a war bride, my grandmother met her, liked her and gave her an iron pan. Told her to use it for cooking and in case her son needed it! He never did – he was a good son, husband and father.

    I’m going to keep all of her iron pans – well, if my sis wants some, I’ll let her have some. But, since one of my nieces is getting married in a year, I just might pass an iron skillet on to her with mom’s story!

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    The other good thing about a smooth top hob – I spread a small thick towel and a smooth teatowel on mine and use it as an ironing board for mini quilts and for blocks up to 12 inches or so – saves getting out the proper ironing board. And I have a light in the hood over the hob – great for seeing what I’m pressing (G).

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    Bon says

    My mom used to have cast iron skillets. I stll have one. Nothing like an egg fried in a cast iron skillet.

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    Dot says

    I love cast iron but I don’t have a flat top stove. I can’t belive it has been 2 years that you have been there. Where does time go????

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    Who knew you weren’t supposed to use them on a flat top stove? I used to use them. We have gas now and my somehow my cast iron skillet didn’t make the move to Minneapolis.

    The chicks are cute!

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    I love my gas stove. If I had my drothers I would have an electric wall oven too but since I can only have one it is a gas range. Cast iron has not done well in Hawaii, I think we are too humid year round, mine all rusted. I brought a beautiful set of Le Creuset cast iron with me from home, not the non stick kind and even though it rusted beyond where I would use it I still have it stuck way in the back of my cupboard, one day I will work up the moral fiber to toss it. Every time I look at it I remember how much it cost and how long it took to buy each piece!

    Pins rust here if you don’t use them for a week or so.

    For stock I use a pressure cooker, it uses a lot less fuel, then after it is cool refrigerate overnight and skim. With poultry stock the bones get really soft very quickly, soft enough you can mash them with a fork and they are safe to feed to dogs in the broth. I use an enormous enamel canning pot and as I recall that was dirt cheap.

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      wanda ll says

      Put them in your stove if you have a gas stove. The heat will keep them dry. Every time you use the stove take out the pans then put back. Also rub with oil after you use them inside and out. Also keep an oiled paper towel inside each one ( my mom used newspaper oiled herself) and layer on top of one another. We’ve done this in the deep south for years to keep them from rusting and this works. I’ve got some 60+ years old now.