Cleaning out the Freezer

Forget about the food . . I can live on Blue Bell ice cream for the next few weeks.

There’s actually a 4th half gallon of ice cream hidden out on the first shelf and there’s another half gallon in the fridge/freezer downstairs.

We ordered half a beef last week and it will be about a month before it gets here.  I somehow have to get this freezer cleaned out and defrosted before I leave for Paducah.  Didn’t help that we bought 25 pounds of Italian sausage while in Arma, KS last week.  The wheat in the bottom drawer . . I can take that out, let it come to room temp and pour it into a bucket I was saving for my next bag of flour.  There’s still a LOT of ground meat (in the red/white plastic bags on the bottom shelf – 1-1/2 pounds per bag).  Anyone want to share some good ground beef recipes?  I like meatloaf, hamburgers and though I don’t like them, I make a good many meatballs.  I think I’ll take out a bag and make taco soup.

Once the wheat is out, the ice cream has been consumed, the already cooked food in the containers is used, I hope I can make room for the half of beef we have coming.  Somewhere in my head, I hear a voice saying .. just buy a second freezer but I will not give into that voice because I would fill it up and be facing the same stuffed to the gills freezer next time I need to order beef.

Ok . . shall it be Rocky Road or Cherry Cordial??  I’m off to work on consuming the ice cream!  🙂


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    I’m voting for the 2nd freezer. You couldn’t eat all that hamburger alone in a month if you tried 🙂

    Now you need a miniature cow to go with the chickens…. LOL

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    Wow, with a freezer that well stocked, I’d never have a problem deciding what to make for dinner. I’m down to some chicken and some sausage (that I don’t like). Grocery shopping is on my list this week… probably today or tomorrow, as the cats are out of food!

    I’ve been wanting to make this Taco Soup for a few weeks, will pick up the supplies when I go shopping.

    My mom has an old family recipe that we call meat and sauce .. brown the ground beef with onion, add some spices if you like, drain the fat, then add ketchup .. lots of ketchup… lower the heat, add a lid if you have it and simmer. The ketchup will caramelize to some extent. I love it.. one of my favourite “comfort foods”. I remember once when my dad made it, and he put “everything in it but the kitchen soup” .. what a horrible combination that was. Stick to plain ol’ ketchup!

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    It sounds like Vince is liking those little chickens. Have you named them! I think they are being very well cared for. I don’t know how you will eat all of that food! Sue

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    Oh duh .. that’ll teach me not to finish reading the post before commenting, you’re making taco soup already… haha! Not enough coffee yet!

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    I would start by getting a bowl of the cherry ice cream, sitting down at my computer and start the search for another freezer. If you ate that much hb in a month, you would never eat hb again. But my fave is brown the hb, make a mushroom gravy and let them simmer together for a bit and serve over rice. Hmmm, guess what we’re having for dinner tonight!

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    I use ALOT of ground beef in our house. I’m a lazy cook, and don’t like to spend more than 30 minutes total cooking dinner…I have quilting to do :)! Anyway one of our families favorites is Poor Mans Stroganoff:
    Start boiling water for 1 pound of pasta, put 1 1/2 pounds ground beef into pan and season to taste (we use STeak seasoning) and drain off all fat when done cooking. Add one can cream of mushroom soup and about 1 cup sour cream and then mix all together over low heat. About this time the pasta will be done, drain and stir into mushroom mix. Done!

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    pdudgeon says

    LOL, try sending a container of ice cream and a couple of frozen meals to work with Vince each week. then make a list of what food is left in the freezer and work it into your meal planning for the next month.

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    dawn says

    I make a dish that my kids used to call fake lasagna. It is really a beef casserole type dish. you brown some hamburg with onions and peppers and garlic if you want. drain. then you boil up some egg noodles the half inch wide ones,drain and set aside. take two to three cans of tomato soup, and one can of water (this can be adjusted if too thick with more water or if too thin with more tomato soup or paste) add the Italian spices you like, basil,oregano etc to the soup and then add that to the meat and the noodles. mix all together. put into a casserole dish layering with some grated cheeses. I used to clean the fridge and put whatever in here, American,provolone,mozzarella etc and it was a mixture. then top with cheese and bake at 350 till heated through. serve with salad and garlic bread and you have an easy weeknight dinner without a lot of fuss.

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    Cincinatti chili (Running & ducking – we had some for dinner last night, but I prefer vegeterian chili!)