Converting Bones to Broth

After making the broth needed for dinner last week, I had enough beef broth leftover to fill 3 quart jars.  Since I’m trying to clean out the freezer, I  decided to can the broth instead of freeze it. I prefer to can everything that works well with canning because if we lose power, I don’t have to worry about losing what I have in the freezer.

Then I thought to myself . . go ahead and use the rest of the soup bones in the freezer and make all the beef broth and that will get those packages out of the freezer.

I browned the bones, then stuck them in the crock pots, simmered them all day Saturday and canned 10 more quarts (for a total of 13 quarts) and one pint of beef broth.

One day this week, we’re going to have smoked chicken and I’ll make chicken broth from the chicken bones.

I’m not saying I never used canned broth . . I use it often because I use so much but any time I can have homemade broth vs. store bought broth, I’m happy!


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    When I make “stock” (Is that just another term for broth?) I put it in the refrigerator (overnight – usually at least several hours) so that I can skim off the fat…

    Does that work with canning? (As if I am ever going to can anything… I’m just curious. I do refrigerator & freezer canning…)

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    Where did you get the bones to make the broth? They seem to be in real short supply these days and we love fresh broth. I do make chicken broth or turkey from the bones. Sometimes I will even use a whole hen if I need the meat for something else.

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    I love your blog. Finally, someone else who does all these things from scratch or as my son in law calls it “from first principals”. We are a minority. My mom always said “if we can buy it we can make it ourselves, better” and she was so right. There is a satisfaction to knowing that you can do all of these things.

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    Hazel says

    Could you please give us a recipe or method that you use for canning your broth. I freeze mine but I would love to be able to can it!

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    Cherrie says

    So if we “can” the stuff and process it glass jars, think we should call it “jarring” instead of canning? ;- }

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    Linda says

    I have no idea how you have any time to quilt let alone all the other stuff you get done!

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    Deb says

    Duh. I never even thought of canning it! I usually boil up bones for the dogs, or when chicken thighs are on sale, cook them up for us and the dogs (50 cents a pound, is cheap dog food when mixed with broth and veggies on sale) we have a large pantry, and I HATE going in the freezer, that is the hubby’s domaine (he does the cooking) but I do love to can. A contrast to the fact that I really dont like gardening that much. We are in Northern MN. and farmer’s markets are in short supply. We have a small one, but you cant get the bushels of things you can in a bigger farming areas. Anyway, any info on how it’s done would be welcome. I would like to try to get back into it.

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    Do you ever make shrimp stock?

    I remember helping to peel shrimp for a party and someone saved all of the shells to take home and make a stock.

    We usually can find smoked ham bones to use when making pea soup. And we have used a smoked turkey leg for making broth. Usually can find those packaged up in the meat section.

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    Rose H says

    Since there are so many of us curious about your canning method, hoping you will let us all know how you prepare broth for the jars. I remember my Mom canning something that she didn’t have to put in a pressure cooker; think it’s called hot water bath or something like that (maybe tomatoes or applesauce). Many years ago she canned venison and it was delicious–no tallow/gamey taste; everyone loved it even the nonvenison eaters. It tasted like canned beef. Mom never let us use her canner, guess she thought we might let it explode or something–but of course not sure we even wanted to when we were teenagers.
    Rose in MN

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    Alrighty! I’m waiting with baited breath to see if you make it around to whacking off a chicken head, plucking it, and after having a fresh chicken for dinner, then you can boil down the carcass for canning broth.


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    Sarah says

    Add me to the list too! I am just learning how to can. I would love to have instructions on how to make your own broth and can it.