Food Club Order

A food buying group a bit north of here let me join them in ordering from United Natural Foods.  Their products probably aren’t any less expensive than the grocery stores but I mostly ordered things I can’t get here. And, I love buying in bulk.

We’ve been using McCann’s Irish Oats but decided to try Bob’s and see if we can tell any difference.  We love steel cut oats and I don’t think there’s anywhere we can buy them locally.  There were four bags of oats.

The big bag in the middle front is tabouli salad mix.  I love that stuff and we’re having some for dinner tonight.  There were three bags and you only use 1 cup of the mix.  I think we can have tabouli salad for quite a while!

I got six loaves of Sprouted Rye Seed Bread.  I’ve made sprouted seed bread a few times and we like it a lot.

Also, got a dozen Lemongrass Basil frozen dinners.  That’s one of our favorite Thai dishes so I hope it’s good.

And, Pine Nut Couscous.  I can get regular couscous here but don’t usually find the Pine Nut variation.

Eggplant Parmesan Bites should be good for a little snack every now and then and in the big bag – five pounds of quinoa.  Certainly can’t get that unless I go to Whole Foods.  Chad loves Quinoa Salad with Chicken, Grapes & Almonds so we’ll have that this weekend.  He’ll be thrilled that we have quinoa in the house!

We won’t be going hungry for a while but we also aren’t making much progress with cleaning out the freezer.


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    I love buying in bulk. We use to belong to a food buying co-op when the kids were all at home…takes alot to feed growing teenagers! Also, wanted to tell you I finished the Bear in the Farmhouse quilt top today…daughter V has already lair claim to it & my friend Teri wants it too! Thanks for sharing your talent…..

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    I think if I lived near to you and was your friend (and got invited for dinner), I might be able to expand my taste for different foods. I wasn’t familiar with most of what you just mentioned here. LOL

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    Anne says

    I love Bob’s Red Mill products! 🙂 I have bought a lot from their website and been very pleased with the quality. Now I find most of their products at one of the grocery stores here, even quinoa and bulgur. 🙂 Still can’t buy plain sunflower seeds in any stores here though so I buy that from Bob’s website. As always it’s a pleasure to read your blog. I don’t comment often but I read it everyday.

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    Well Judy you did it again! I thought I knew much about foods, but most of what you bought today I have never tasted. Some of what you mentioned today I have never heard the name before tonight nor would I have any idea how to cook the product.

    This really makes me feel like I have lived a sheltered life, but I really have not. I am educated (with a Home Economics degree). I was raised in NW Indiana where there is a great ethnic diversion. My own background is half Croation. I have visited and ate in many large US cities and have tried many foods my friends and family just turn their nose up to at the time.

    So I am looking forward to seeing the salad this weekend and learning more about Quinoa. That Sprouted Rye seed bread sounds wonderful. Now to check out your link to the Salad.

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    Evelyn says

    All very good, HEALTHY food! It is so sad that the junk food is so much cheaper than healthy food – child nutrition in poor areas is one of my favorite topics, because many people just don’t even know how to fix healthy food! I am teaching someone how to make bread this week and then I lent some Taste of Home magazines to another person who had never seen the magazine before. You are doing a great job teaching the rest of us all your healthy food tips! My son loves couscous, but we certainly can’t buy it in our local store – they are too busy stocking the shelves with chips, white rice, soda and frozen dinners, agh! For a quick dinner I will sometimes simmer italian stewed tomatoes, sliced zucchini/summer squash and a can of chickpeas and serve over couscous with shredded cheese. Cheers! Evelyn