Rained on My Parade

Today was a drizzly day.  It never really rained . . except where I was.  I made way too many stops (haircut, bank, post office, Wal-Mart, church to pick up food order, grocery store, another grocery store!) and no matter how little it rained, once I turned off the car engine, it really began to rain.  I had dripping hair half the day.

Tonight while writing a blog post, I kept accidentally hitting the web camera button.  It’s on the exact wrong spot on this laptop.  I figured if the darned computer wanted a picture of me . . after having been drenched to the bone at least 10 times today, then darn it . . here it is:

Now . . maybe the web camera button will go away and leave me alone.

And furthermore . . it’s cold!  It’s spring and it’s going to be below freezing several times in the next few nights and there’s white stuff . . just flurries though . . on one night over the weekend.  Dang, spring is kinda wimpy this year.  Come on, spring!  Kick winter’s butt and show your face around here!


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    Chris Miller says

    You’re not alone Judy! We woke up to five inches of snow this morning, with more expected tonight!! By the way, I still haven’t used my pressure cooker!! Ack! But the good news is that I decided to retire from teaching at the end of this year. June is comin’! And my garden and canning (after many years without both) are calling!

    Chris in Idaho

  2. 2


    We’ve had some snow too but I prefer it to rain!

    I’ve got to run some errands tomorrow if I can get out of bed early enough. I can’t seem to sleep again tonight so I know I’ll have to sleep part of the day away.

  3. 4


    What an intense look of concentration you have there, Judy! You were thinking really hard about something. Probably writing something good for us to read, no doubt! 🙂

  4. 5


    Gee…your hair looks a LOT better than mine looks after rain drenching!!! LOL I think we are going to move from winter right into summer at this point.

  5. 6


    My hair couldn’t even dream of looking that good after drenching! Sorry about the snow, we’re too warm for it but we’re getting all the rain. It’s actually supposed to be rain free for the next several days here, whoohoo!

    Chicken coop building plans in the works for you guys this weekend?

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    pdudgeon says

    that’s the beauty of a wash ‘n go hairstyle–it likes rain!
    I usually keep an extra umbrella in my car for that very reason, so i don’t often get caught out.

  7. 8


    Judy I love your humor 🙂 and that you went ahead and let the laptop take a photo of you 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s hard to believe so many are so cold this time of year where they live… here it’s nice and sunny – mid 70’s. Maybe you need to head South bound for a visit with your parents until Mr Winter leaves? 😉

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

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    Judy, reading your blog inspires me to get back into the swing of things! Start cooking like you used to do! *sigh* winter is not leaving us here in Michigan, it is trying to hang around…come on Spring!! I love reading about the things your cook and that you share it with us!! ~Nancy from southeastern Michigan

  9. 10


    Hi Judy – love the haircut. It’s cold in St. Louis too. We’re supposed to get a hard freeze Monday & Tuesday nights. My bleeding heart (the plant!) is blooming like crazy – I’ll have to cover it for sure. I’m just glad I didn’t move all my inside plants out yet – I’d be spending today hauling them back in the house.