Not Gone

First, I’m not gone forever . . I’m just not going to be able to post every day . . probably.  So, when I miss a day, don’t worry about me.  Since I’ve been posting every day, often several times a day, when I don’t post or don’t post til late in the day, I get emails wondering where I am.  I don’t mind the emails and you never know . . when someone posts every single day and then without a word, doesn’t post for a few days, I can see how you’d get concerned.

I once had a friend who lives in MO and when I lived in KY, she called me one night.  My computer wasn’t connecting to the internet and she hadn’t heard from me for a while and she was getting worried about me.  Vince had decided to work on my computer and normally he can fix anything computer related but this time, he couldn’t fix it and it was looking less promising than it had been before he worked on it.  Vince answered the phone when my friend called and he didn’t sound particularly cordial . . not that he wasn’t but he’s just not normally a real jovial person.  I was in the shower and all Vince said was “she can’t come to the phone.”  Then my friend, who was getting more concerned said “have her call me please!”  Well, I didn’t have her number anywhere that I could find it and I couldn’t get on the internet to find it because my computer wasn’t working.  I finally got her number somehow and called her and she was so happy to hear from me.  She had already looked up the number for the Owensboro Police and was just about to call them to go check on me when I called her back.

So . . you just never know what’s going on with someone.  But I’m here; I’m fine and I may be posting every day but I may not be so . . you don’t need to concern yourself on the days there are no posts . . unless it happens a bunch of days in a row without warning.  🙂


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    I found an interesting article online recently about companies that are being formed because people DO get concerned when they don’t hear from online friends. It seems they offer a serivce….for a FEE….by which people who have blogs and webpages can have the business contacted by a family member if the blog /website owner becomes ill (or worse) and won’t be online any longer. The company then has prior-arranged access to the blog/website and is able to post there to let readers know why the person will no longer be blogging or updating the webpage. Our internet way of life has created a whole new business, it seems. When I read it, I found myself saying…now why didn’t I think of that? (Because I am one who DOES worry if an online friend “disappears” for a longer period of time than is normal for her or him.) I promise I won’t come looking for you, Judy, unless you go missing for something like a week, okay? 🙂

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    I will certainly miss you ! I have my first cup of coffee with you every morning ! But I do know you have lots going on, so take time to enjoy your time and HURRY back ! Oh, I have some ‘stuff’ for you, can I leave it at Jeanne’s ? She said you weren’t coming to MQS. Glenda

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    I to have my first cup of coffee with you every morning, so don’t disappear for too long!!! Just remember to stop and breathe here and there!!

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    pdudgeon says

    what a nice story. it’s good to know even in these days of internet, that people still connect. tell your freind thanks from all of us for her concern.

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    That’s a funny story, I can understand; my MIL worries incessantly and if she can’t reach someone by phone she starts to formulate dramatic scenarios in her mind. We check in with her daily… don’t want to provide any unwarranted subject matter! 🙂

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    Doing more “stuff” and less blogging is a good thing! Enjoy your productivity, blogging can be most time consuming! Maybe you’ll have a nice warm sunny day soon and you can take the chicks out in the grass to “play” :)~~

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    Glad to see you aren’t gone. Cuz a day without Judy is like a day without sunshine (quilts)!!! 😉