Bears in the Farmhouse Photos

There are some beautiful finished quilts for this project.  Photos are in the photobucket site but for anyone wanting to link their photo so others can see it from here, please add your link to the link box below.


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    Can’t wait to see photos of other Bears quilts. This is such an attractive quilt, Judy. Think of all the beautifufl quilts that exist today because of your inspiration and sharing. Thank you!

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    I temporarily deleted my link to my web site as I just realized my host’s server has been down a good part of the morning. Bummer! I will relist myself in Linky when it’s back up. Sorry for any frustration . . .

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    Bonnie T says

    This was fun and I can’t wait until the next Judy’s quilt along! Really fun!

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    Kathy says

    I’m falling behind, and now probably won’t get my last borders on before Easter! Boo. But I’m coming, wait up!

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    Can’t believe that I actually got this quilt done. I get very lazy when it comes to the borders, but I’m glad I persisted and finished the borders as instructed.

    Thanks again Judy for creating this Quilt Along.

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    I am happy to say I finished the top finally – I know I am a bit behind the rest of ya’ll but I didn’t stop working on it, just did it in my time allotments. Now to find time to piece a backing for it.
    Thanks so much Judy for doing this for us! I had lots of fun working on this and seeing how the other’s did with their projects.