Little Hearts

I’m going to blame Deb because I never accept blame for anything.  But I know it’s ok if I blame Deb because Mary is also blaming Deb.  It doesn’t matter to me that Mary and Deb are sisters and it’s probably more politically correct for Mary to blame Deb than it is for Judy to blame Deb but . . I’m standing by my original opinion that’s it’s Deb’s fault.  Not really . . I was happy when I saw on Deb’s site about this little die cutter.

She bought the Sizzix die cutter.  I hadn’t even thought about getting such a thing but I was wanting to do something different than plain old piecing on the quilts I’m making for the kids at an orphanage in Louisiana so when I saw the shapes and things Deb was cutting, I had to get one too.  I hope someone is paying Deb commission on these things! 🙂

This is a little project I’m working on with the hearts.  It’s a fun diversion from other projects that are needing to be finished.  I was able to work on the little hearts project over the weekend but had to put it away and get back to real work for the week.  Maybe I can get this top done next weekend.


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    Mary Lea says

    That is going to make such a cute quilt. I am feeling those die cuts too. I am going visit Deb.

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    I have the original sizzix and bought it for this purpose, but I have not bought any dies yet. Been trying for too long to get my quilting frame up and running that I almost forgot I had it. BTW I have some action shots I posted about today on my quilt frame. I’m so tickled about having my frame up and running I’m pink lololol. Now off to ebay I go to look for some dies.

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    I’m tempted to get one of those………as soon as I have next fall’s tuition saved, I will be ready again to invest in myself. Good thing I don’t have a sister that sews as I know we would be trying to keep up with each other. Your hearts on this quilt will look great……just another reason why I need this toy, plus my daughter the scrapbooker would probably be able to use it also for her paper cuts. Lets see is my DH going on a vacation without me soon……….maybe in June..

    Karen L

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    Beyond cute Judy, that looks like too much fun! But don’t you still have to sew them down? Don’t I remember that applique is an evil word in your dictionary? LOL

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    Hmmmm……now I’m going to check this out at our local Michael’s as I believe they carry this machine, too. I love doing wool felt projects, so this would be a lot of fun.

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    Julie says

    Thanks for sharing Judy. This machine is on sale at Joann’ Also free shipping. Mine has been ordered. Will be wonderful to use for charity quilts – I do quilts for CPS. We may have to have a tutorial!!! Thanks again for letting us see your work in progress.

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    carol fun says

    what a happy quilt!! i already have a die cutting machine – a cuttlebug – and i love it – i use it when i make cards and i have also used it to cut felt for cute little pincushions and i have die to make perfect little circles for the center of flowers — i think that the cross contamination between different crafting spheres is very creative — thanks for showing that bright happy quilt!!

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    I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these. I do not need one of these………..

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    No, I’m saying NO, NO, NO!!! Darn, I’m feeling week…….I think DD1 might have one that I will have to borrow. I need to make a phone call.
    That quilt is going to make someone very happy.

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    Evelyn says

    Since your WORK is quilting, but quilting is also sometime that you enjoy doing for yourself, it sometimes must be hard to find a balance between the two. I think this little heart diversion is probably just what you needed! Fun and cheerful and for kids that are sure to love it! Great. Cheers! Evelyn

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    After getting the GO Cutter, I had no intention of buying another one so it’s definitely Deb’s fault but I’m having fun too.

    These Hearts are CUTE! Which Die are you using?

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    What adorable blocks!! I can see you churning out a ton of those. And you’re going to needleturn them all, aren’t you? 🙂

    Good purchase, Judy! You’re my hero du jour!

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    Marilyn says

    Judy, you are cracking me up. Just yesterday you said you weren’t going to be posting every day and here you are with three posts today! I’m afraid if I blink I will have to read for hours just to catch up with you. I’m glad you are still posting and will really start to worry when you really DO go missing for a day (or half a day–tee hee)

    I do NOT need another toy. I do NOT need another toy. I do NOT need another …well, maybe just one more 🙂

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    I have one of these machines, and that group of dies, but had forgotten that it could be used for cutting fabric. How long it has been sitting when it could have been making a very cute quilt. Maybe it will be what I do for our new granddaughters quilt. Oh so many ideas and so little time. I don’t know how to fit it all in, plus I think I’ve lost my mind I’m thinking of going back to school. thanks for the wonderful inspriation.

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    I had the same thoughts that CJ did – is applique a 4 letter word for you Judy??? or perhaps your just gonna wonder under them down and then stitch aroudn them with your longarm?? or do you play for each layer to frey after you wash them?

    I hope you post more photos of what you are doing and how you are doing it. with closeups of course! 😉

    Love from Texas!

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    Good grief! I should be getting a commission…yeah right, in my dreams. Cute quilt Judy. Fun little machine isn’t it? Don’t feel bad about blaming me….Mary does it all the time!

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    When you get ready to purchase that Go Cutter…I’ll set you up! ha Customers are liking the possibilities. I think we’ll see a LOT more dies for it available after market.