Quinoa Salad

For those who asked about the Quinoa Salad with Chicken, Grapes & Almonds, here’s a picture.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.  The quinoa is a neat little whatever it is .. I think it’s a seed.  Saturday we had grilled chicken for dinner and I grilled extra to put in this salad.  Chad loves it and asked for the leftovers to take back to school with him.  That always makes a mom feel good, huh?

The salad is very quick to make . . especially when the chicken is leftover! 🙂

The rolls are Norm’s Onion Rolls.  I do love that recipe.  The dough for that recipe is probably my absolute favorite dough ever to work with.  I’ve been wanting to make cinnamon rolls using the dough . . you know . . what could be better than onion flavored cinnamon rolls, right?  Not!  There’s no onion in the dough.

From one batch of dough I made a dozen rolls and used the rest for cinnamon rolls.  The sad thing is that I cannot find my good, insulated baking sheet.  I’m wonderng if I took it to Arkansas and left it in the cabin but I don’t think I took it.  It’s probably in my sock drawer or something goofy like that but I miss it terribly!

This wasn’t the ideal baking arrangement . . onion rolls and cinnamon rolls on the same sheet but I didn’t want to stick one sheet on the bottom rack and I didn’t want to heat up both ovens and it was really an experiment to see if this dough worked well for cinnamon rolls.

Everything was ok except they were definitely crowded and some of the gooey buttery sugary liquid from the cinnamon rolls bubbled over into the oven . . darn it!  I’m not worried about the oven but I sure don’t want to miss eating any of the gooey buttery sugary liquid!

Absolutely perfect!  I have a new cinnamon roll recipe!


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    Tricia says

    Hmmm….Is this how you take a break?! I thought you were going to take a little time off, take a little rest for yourself…but here you are tempting us with tasty treats! Not that I mind hearing from you-the more posts from you the merrier!-but don’t wear yourself out!
    Hug those chicks for me!