Fantastic Black Fabric

Black seems to show up in so many of my quilts and I struggle to find the perfect black. The above quilt is truly black but just looks gray in the picture.  I believe that was a Moda Marble.

Michael Miller had and may still have a good black but every thread, fuzz ball and white Speck hair stuck to it like a magnet.  And, it tended to want to ravel on me.  The quilt above and below has Michael Miller black fabric.

My current project involves Sew Batik fabric . . batik of course.  The quilt has a lot of black but some of it is solid.  The solid black, which is called “Batik Spray”, color is Tuxedo, feels heavenly.  Threads don’t attach themselves to it . . it has such a smooth finish.  It isn’t raveling at all and it is a true, exact 45″ wide.  It is definitely a batik but because it’s such a solid, it will work quite perfectly with regular cottons.  As with batiks, the selvage is miniscule.  I think if I trim 1/8″ of an inch off the edge, the selvage is gone!  No waste there.  I think this black is the only black I will ever use again.

I love it when I come across something like this and know my search for the perfect black has ended!  If it wasn’t for these darned stash reports, I’d order myself a whole truckload of this fabric!


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    Marilyn says

    Beautiful quilts.

    As for the Sew Batik black – it is wonderful. I use alot of black (and have used this). I have made several of their quilts. Have another one waiting that I bought at Road a few years ago, also a purse. Their fabrics are fantastic and so pretty.

    I think you need to buy a bolt or two of this. If you don’t, you may not have it when you need it.

    Marilyn (IQuiltToo)

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    I also think you need to stock up with a couple of bolts. When you find the perfect fabric, go for it! I’ve been buying Michael Miller Jet Black because it’s the truest black I’ve found so far, but, you’re right, everything sticks to it. I used a little tiny bit on the Bears quilt and I actually took adhesive tape to remove the fuzz off it after it was in the block. Those quilts are all awesome, but I’m particularl partial to the second one – because it was juried in to Road that year you were here!

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    Carla says

    What a great tip about black fabric. Thank you so much for sharing. I will order from Sew Batik right away! (P.S. I have been a Michael Miller Jet Black believer for a long time but you are so right about it attracting every hair, thread or speck of fuzz — the raveling, too.)

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    Julie H. says

    All three quilts look great!

    Thanks for the recommendation on the blacks. I have a couple of projects planned which need a good black and I have a Japanese cotton which is VERY black I need to match. Does anyone know how well these will stay black? I have a quilt I made maybe 15-20 years ago which started out very black and though it’s been washed only once or twice and never left in sunlight/flourescent light, has faded drastically.

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    I’m curious if you have ever tried Kona black. That’s been my favorite black, although I haven’t tried any of the blacks you’ve mentioned in this post.

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    The black really makes the quilt pop. I love how you have opened up my box to using different colors then I usually would. Firs the purple and green grabbed me and now seeing how wonderful the black looks my mind is just awash in possiblities…ooooh the black is even making me use big poeticy words like AWASH. heehee

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    I really like Sew Batik when she comes to the quilt shows. I could spend all day in that booth. She also has 108″ batiks for backing.

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    I haven’t found a batik I didn’t like – heavenly stuff and the colors are awesome.
    Beautiful quilts…

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    Becky says

    Judy, I’ve always loved quilts with black backgrounds and bright colors. Those colors move and swirl like no other. Yours are beautiful and I just love those creative borders. WOW!