Cheater, Cheater

I think this is the funniest song. Every time I hear it, I find myself singing it for days.  Probably not what you want your child to hear so . . beware.

And I love Facebook! (Keep reading!  You’ll figure out the connection to Facebook and Cheater, Cheater!)  I’ve found a couple of my high school friends who I had lost contact with and we’ve been chatting way into the night. A couple of days ago, I found a friend from Lake Charles . . someone who had been a very good friend. She and her husband were friends with my ex long before I was in the picture.  Once I was in the picture, the four of us did lots of things together and had so much fun!

Along with the breakup of a marriage, there’s sometimes a breakup of friends too.  Since they had been friends with my ex way before he ever met me, I kinda bowed out of the picture.  I always assumed that those who were his friends before were pretty much finished with me . . just a sad result of a divorce.  Most of those friends really didn’t know what to do . . they didn’t want to choose sides and somehow, during a divorce, being friends with one party often means you’re siding against the other party.  So, I haven’t had any contact with these particular friends in at least 16 years.

Even without contact, the memories we shared, memories that spanned the 17 or so years we were close friends, have lived on.  Chad has kept a picture on his dresser of him and Roger sitting on Roger’s motorcycle.  Chad couldn’t have been more than 3 years old.  The memory that I think none of us will forget is the July 4th that the fireworks got out of control. As I recall the incident, a huge box of fireworks was sitting under a picnic table near where the fireworks were being lit. A spark got into the box and fireworks went everywhere. We were all running for cover. It was pretty darned serious. My friend’s husband ended up in the ER . . with a broken hand I think. I really don’t remember anything except running for safety!  To make matters worse, on July 2, we had a fire at our house in TX and had temporarily moved in with my parents til we decided what to do about the mess in TX.  So, July 2, we had a fire at our house; July 4, we had a massive fireworks explosion in the back yard at Roger’s house.  A little too much sparks and fire to suit me!

My friend and I have been emailing and she asked me if I remember when we used to play Pictionary. Wives vs. husbands. Eileen and I both know shorthand and we’d write the word out in shorthand and immediately we knew what it was, and then we’d draw some goofy picture so the guys didn’t get suspicious. Cheater, Cheater! They could never figure out how we never, ever missed a word. Cheater, Cheater!

The hard part was not cracking up . . trying to keep a straigh face! Every now and then we’d have a word like . . say . . . “chicken” and one of our shorthands wouldn’t be quite right (or the wine was too good) and we’d say something like “chasing” and the guys would want to know how we got chasing from chicken but they never figured out our shorthand trick. Cheater, Cheater!

Now you know why the marriage failed . . cheating at Pictionary!  Seriously, I’m so glad for having found my friends on Facebook.


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    TerryG says

    I didn’t want to get sucked into Facebook but I did want to keep in touch with my college girlfriends. So, reluctantly, I joined. I love it. Not only do I keep in touch with my girlfriends, I communicate more with my cousins in Florida, my aunt in New Orleans, my brother-in-law in Arizona and my nephew in Iraq.

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    Bobbie says

    I love Jory and Rory–Cheater, Cheater is on a CD they have out-their 1st. one I think-called The Life of a song. If you don’t have it-get it-all the songs are great–I also really like “These Boots”. But , I am a country music lover thru and thru. Hugs, Bobbie

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    lesthook says

    I watched Joey and Rory on Can you duet? A tv show. They didn’t win but should have…in my opinion,LOL! I also have their cd and love it.

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    Su Bee says

    LOL – when that song came out I had just discovered my husbands’ cheating. I BLASTED that song at him on a loop for 2 weeks!! It’s pretty darn cute for being so serious 🙂