Chick Update

They’re growing like bad weeds.  Not sure how because everything that goes in seems to double or triple and immediately come out the other end.

I’d just cleaned out their pen and within five minutes they will have left droppings everywhere.  I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be to get them out of the house.

Getting them out of the house isn’t looking like it’s going to happen soon enough.  Vince’s next two weekends seem to be spoken for, and the plans do not include building a chicken coop.

He said he would build me a little pen that is secure so I can put them outside on warm, sunny days.  I think they’ll be as happy about that as I am.  Maybe they can learn to poop while outside and then hold it while they’re back inside.  I don’t think so because they seem to poop every 60 seconds, whether they need to or not!  Oh well . . I knew that would happen because Helen told me so.

You may think this is your average, every day Creative Grids square ruler.  Nope, it’s my multi-purpose quilt ruler/”trap the chicken in the corner” tool.  The babies have gotten wild as jack rabbits and catching them usually involves me thinking I’m going topple over heard first into their pen.  I can’t reach across it and they seem to have figured that out.  But, they haven’t figured out this clear ruler.  I think they don’t even see it coming.  I get them in the corner, put down the ruler “gate” and . . they’re trapped.  All mine!  No escape!  Pick them up and put them back in the little rubbermaid bucket, their original home that they outgrew within 4 days, so I can clean out their pen (which is acutally a big cardboard box lined with newspaper and wood shavings).

We’re still having fun watching them.  They’re so funny . . always busy  . . kinda like me.  Especially since they seem to be so busy and have nothing to show for how they’ve spent their day!


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    Ah… Jim seems to have that same “time” problem as Vince. Having been with the man for 10 years now, I don’t fall for that, “I’ll have done on time, I swear!” line anymore.

    I ordered a chicken coop, prebuilt, the same day I ordered my chicks, and scheduled them so they arrive around the same time.

    You could go pick up a wooden shed at Lowes and modify it… LOL

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    They are starting to have real feathers to replace that peach fuzz that start off with.
    And Vicki is right. A friend has chickens and she moved her them over 2 feet from the fence so she could plant Sweet Peas. OMG, those were prolific flowers. Chicken poop is loaded with nitrogen.

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    Marla says

    I started giggling when I read your post. Specially about “Helen told me so”. I went back and read that and this time I realized that this poor woman just hated chickens! LOL!! If you don’t get them out of the house soon, you will end up needing a shovel to pick it all up!

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    Loved the “Helen” reference, too. Gee….what a novel use for your ruler! I guess they must be pretty loud now, too?

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    peggy says

    Hmm, Helen did tell you so, but I think you already knew. Years ago, we did this. I’d do it again, but I don’t think it’s allowed, or that the snooty Homeowners’ Association would tolerate it. I’m enjoying reading about the progress.

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    Look how big they’re getting! Just be careful when you put them outside. Make sure they are locked up at night. We just had two of our geese killed by coyotes and several ducks and guinea hens have been taken by owls.