3 in 1 Carrier

Have you seen these 3 in 1 carriers?  They’re made by Mainstay and our local Wal-Mart has them.

If you use this insert, it’s a cupcake carrier.  Stick a dozen cupcakes in the little circles and they can’t slide around but . . don’t overfill the cupcakes because if they’re the least bit too big, they bump into each other.

If you use this insert, you can carry 18 deviled eggs.  You can bring those right to my house if you’d like! 🙂

If you use no insert, you can carry a pie.  And, you could also bring that to my house.

So . . what do you think I did with my carrier?  Pie, Deviled Eggs or Cupcakes??

Chocolate cupcakes with green buttercream icing with the little toasted coconut nests with M&M eggs . . for Vince to take to work today.

But, wait . . what if someone doesn’t like coconut?  Well, folks, I aim to please.

Chocolate cupcakes with pink, green or yellow buttercream icing with colored sugar sprinkles.  They were beginning to look more like Mardi Gras cupcakes rather than Easter cupcakes though.  That’s ok . . they’re still going to work with Vince.

The leftovers that don’t fit in the round carriers . . they’re staying home with me!


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    Very clever doodad. I have an ancient deviled egg carrier from Tupperware I use often and a pie carrier that gathers dust from lack of use. Thanks for those Block 13 directions. I hope to catch up this weekend.

  2. 2

    Evelyn says

    Everything here is closed for Good Friday today, even the pharmacy and grocery store! Poor Vince – having to go off to work, but at least he has your cupcakes! We might make cupcakes today – my son loves frosting more than the cake part so cupcakes are a favorite because he thinks they have more frosting!
    Cheers! Evelyn

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    Cute cupcakes. I think I’ll try the coconut nests. I use those rectangular carriers for storing quilt projects. I have 4 of them and they stack nicely, too.

  4. 4

    Marla Southers says

    Those cupcakes look so yummy! By the way, if anyone is interested in a good homemade carrot cake recipe. Go to pioneerwoman.com and take a look at her cookbook. I made the carrot cake last week and it was so very good. Perfect for Easter dinner!

  5. 6

    pdudgeon says

    I’m going to WalMart today so i’ll have to look for those!
    thanks for the tip.

  6. 7

    Cindy B says

    The big rectangle one will hold a complete quilt project and they stack great. I have many of them in my quilting room. Bonnie Hunter blogged about these food carries as being a perfect quilting tool! One thing that bugs me, when I bought my first rectangle one before Christmas it was $4.69. Now, a few months later it’s almost $7. Ugh!

  7. 8


    I love this container………but I’m sure our local Walmart won’t have it……..I love multitasking type containers…………Thank you for finding all these neat doo-dad’s for us!!

    Karen L

  8. 9

    Brenda B. says

    Thanks for the cupcakes today. Vince did share with us 🙂 they melt in your mouth – SOOO GOOOD! I’m not a frosting person, but this frosting was great. Can you share the recipe? I’m going to get that carrier, great idea! I don’t have anything to carry pies or cupcakes. Thanks for sharing! HAPPY EASTER!

  9. 10


    I’ll share the pink ones with you! I am sure the people at Vince’s workplace didn’t care how they looked, but I think they are just yummy looking; and Mardi Gras is good!