Quilts for Orphanage

I had a box of quilts ready to send off to the group that supplies quilts to an orphanage in Louisiana and then I took two out to give to a local need and finally got around to getting two more quilts finished and shipped off for the orphanage.  It’s the binding that causes the bottle neck around  here.  I can fit three quilts in my big boxes so I like to send them in lots of three. My Louisiana contact didn’t open the box til Thursday so I didn’t want to post the pictures til she had seen them in real life.

All these quilts have been shown here already but now they’re really gone . . never to be seen on the blog again! 🙂  I had written down all the sizes but can’t remember where I put the notes.  They’re all about 60″ x 80″.

This first one was made as a test for a pattern that is in Nine Patch Extravaganza.

This top was made by Vicky.  The backing was also donated by Vicky.

This is a stash project we did as a group on the blog a while back.  The backing was also donated by Vicky.

Hope these quilts bring warmth and comfort to some children less fortunate than most of our own children.

A huge thanks to Vicky for sending me fabric she doesn’t think she’ll use.  It’s all good quality, quilt shop fabric and most of it will go into these quilts going to the orphanage in Louisiana.


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    I had wondered about the house block quilt. Is the pattern still available? I like how you put different small stars in the houses, and the chain is different too.

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    I love the bright, cheery colors. They will make some child at the orphanage very happy.

    Happy Easter!! I’m just glad the Easter Bunny won’t have to wear snowshoes….

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    Do you hand stitch all of your bindings? I finally gave in a couple of years ago and started top-stitching my donation quilts. I decided it was more important for them to get done than in a “to be stitched” pile.

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    Another Linda says

    Those quilts are just lovely! So bright and cheerful! So thoughtful of you and Vicky to donate the quilts, I know the child receiving a quilt will be thrilled.

    While I sure like all three, I esp like the chain and house quilt!

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Happy Easter to you, Vince, and Chad. Happy Easter to all that read here, also.

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    Jeanne says

    Judy, quick question? On the first quilt, the one from Nine-Patch Extravaganza… is that quilted with Baptist Fans? If so, how did you do them (what tool, etc. did you use?) I haven’t found a good tool to accomplish them, and I have a customer who loves them! Any help would be greatly appreciated! (PS, I have a Millenium))

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    Mary Lea says

    I have the quilts…for the orphanage. They are so pretty. I have taken them to two Show-N-Tells so far and the Ladies just oooh and aaah over them. Next Friday is another Show-N-Tell and then I will be turning them in to be distributed to the children. Judy, cannot Thank you enough. They will bring the children so much joy.

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    These are beautiful quilts, Judy. The orphanage in Louisiana is lucky to have you and VIcky as benefactors, and I know the children who receive them will treasure them always.

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    Oh, Judy, it’s so wonderful that you are sending those along to Louisiana! Thank you for being able to use that house/chain top. It was just sitting here taking up space, and now you’ve finished it and it’s going to be loved by some deserving child! Thank you!!

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    sue williams says

    Judy- Thanks so much for remembering our local orphanage. I have a request for instructions on how you made those house blocks. Thanks again, sue