Another Stash Project

Anyone want to do another stash project?  I have one in mind.  It has big 16″ blocks (no half square triangles!), has pieced sashing, plain borders (just two!) and finishes at 67″ x 85.50″.  Since there are no pieced borders, it could easily be made larger.

What I’m thinking is I’ll just post the steps here . . maybe one every few days, no set schedule; but it’s really so easy that we won’t drag it out too long.  It’s going to be all scrappy so there won’t be any fabric requirements given.

Any takers?


  1. 9

    Marilyn says

    Judy, I may be able to do this. Even tho I have a few ahead of this…I am quilting the baby quilt. Just started loading it. I have others to quilt..and 3 to piece..but I am right in the middle and game for anything….Let us have it!!! As long as there are no due dates..I am game!

    You have inspired me!


    Marily (IQuiltToo)

  2. 10


    Count me in! I’m up for a new project 🙂 I’d like to make something new for my boss as a housewarming gift too 🙂

  3. 11


    Me too! I like having it on the Blog, I forgot to e-mail pics last project on the Quilt-along so I missed doing that bears in the farmhouse. I read your blog whenever there is an update.

  4. 12

    Linda Bishop says

    Hi Judy
    I have been quielty following your blog for a long time. Now you’ve got me hooked in! Yes please love to do your new project
    Best wishes from Down Under
    in Taupo New Zealand

  5. 13

    Sharyn says

    Yes please Judy, I would love to join in. It will be my first stash buster with you, I’m looking forward to it!!

  6. 15

    Sue Abrey says

    I’ve only recently found your blog, so never done anything like this before, but I’d love to join in please.


  7. 16

    Frances says

    I’m in too before my stash hounds me out of the sewing room, I sometimes think I’m collecting tote boxes as well as fabric and the floor space is getting less

  8. 19

    Kathy says

    Sign me up! I’ve been buying more than I’ve been using, and I need something to help me get back on the stash busting wagon.

  9. 21


    Do I have to finish Farmhouse first ? Ha Ha ! Almost done with that. I’d like to do this one but would have to save instructions until after MQS. Would that be ok ? And thank you for no more 1/2 square triangles ! Glenda

  10. 24


    Hi Judy, I’m in the middle of several projects — not just quilted ones either — so as long as there are no deadlines I should be able to work around everything else. . .especially with such large blocks.

  11. 26


    Count me in!! My stash- after using up 166 yards since Jan 1st with only one purchase of 4 yards, is STILL not showing signs of decreasing!!!


  12. 29

    Joanne says

    Sometimes I wonder…do you really need to ask. I love your stashbusting ideas. Thanks for your generousity in sharing your great ideas. Joanne H

  13. 31

    Judi says

    Sounds like a fun project but with Paducah only a week away I will probably have to pass on this. Hope you stop by my booth.

  14. 32

    Claudia says

    Judy – This stash project sounds interesting. I’ve had the quilting blahs lately and I’ve just been floundering from project to project. This might be just what I need to get me out of the doldrums without too much pre-planning. Thank you. Claudia W

  15. 39

    Julie says

    I’m ready for this quilt! Bears in the Farm House was wonderful — and I LOVED the look of the HST’s. So, I’m interested!

  16. 42


    I’m in. Stashbusting if fun. The Bears in the Farmhouse was the first one I’ve done and I like the idea of using what you have. Glad there isn’t going to be any due dates. I have a lot on my plate but need another quilt for no. 1 grandson.

  17. 44

    Scotland Mom says

    I’ve been having fun watching your blog….I’d love to participate…I love scrapy quilts.

  18. 45

    Frieda Z says

    I want to try another quilt with you. Might run a little behind because of a couple of obligations but really should be good to go in another week or so.

  19. 47


    Sure… great way to bust some stash.

    Will this one be a mystery one or will we get to see your quilt before we start. Gees, I wish I was back home so I could start looking and pulling from the stash.

  20. 55

    Mary Lea says

    I’m a taker and when I’m finished I’ll be a giver. Can’t wait to get started.

  21. 61

    Dot says

    I’m in. I just finished by Bears in the Posies but haven’t posted a picture yet. I will get that done this week sometime. Can’t wait.

  22. 63

    Diana says

    Hey Judy
    Count me in…I’m really trying to bust stash and somehow missed your last stash buster project.
    Diana G

  23. 66

    Christina D says

    Yes please, I need another hand growing out of the top of my head. But, I can’t resist
    your stashbusting quilts!

  24. 74

    Becky says

    Judy, I am up for the challenge! I will finish my temporary job on Wednesday and I’m ready to do something quilty! Let’s go!

  25. 76

    Beryl R says

    Yes, I’d love to join in! I am going to visit my sister next week and so we will have a little quilt fest. I’ll take some of my scraps with me, but can you tell us what we need, darks? lights? Thanks Judy..

  26. 82

    Karen says

    I would love to try this stash quilt. I have been very good at trying to reduce my stash and I am ready for something new and easy!

    Thank you for sharing your projects and ideas, it means alot to those of us who are solitary quilters.

  27. 84


    Yes, I think I’d like to try this one. I may run a bit behind the pack, but would love to give it a try. April and May in public schools is a bit frantic, but I love group sewing projects. Thanks for your generous spirit!